Liberty University Racial Harassment & Discrimination Policy

The Racial harassment policy ensures the understanding among members of the Liberty University community that racial discrimination and/or harassment is unacceptable and prohibited. All members of the University community are encouraged to reflect upon the issue of discrimination and harassment as it directly affects the lives and conducts of others.

Anyone who may be the victim of racial discrimination or harassment should be aware of the procedure for reporting such incidents.

Policies and Procedures Governing Racial Harassment


Liberty University asserts that all members of the University community are entitled to, and shall be afforded, an environment devoid of overt or subtle racism. Therefore, members of the Liberty University community will not tolerate racial discrimination or harassment in any form.

The increased incidents of racial discrimination or harassment on college and university campuses nationwide suggest that information alone has not abolished this behavior. Consequently, a more aggressive stance must be assumed. To this end, Liberty University has adopted a policy governing racial discrimination or harassment, which applies to all members of the university community.

Behavior that constitutes racial discrimination or harassment is prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and includes, but is not limited to; racial/ethnic slurs, coarse jesting with racial/ethnic overtones, and all other forms of communication resulting in disparagement or intimidation.

Reporting Procedure

  1. Report the incident to the Center for Multicultural Enrichment or the Office of Community Life.
  2. Assigned conduct officer will review the Racial Discrimination/Harassment policy with the complainant.
  3. A Racial Discrimination/Harassment Grievance Form will be filed.
  4. Complainant must decide if he/she wants to pursue a formal complaint possibly resulting in disciplinary action.
  5. The Conduct Review Committee will examine the results of the investigation and determine appropriate course of action.
  6. The conduct officer will carry out a final interview with complainant.


Any Liberty University student who commits racial discrimination or harassment is subject to disciplinary action, which may result in 12 or more reprimands, along with possible fines, community service and/or possible administrative withdrawal. Conversely, due to the severity of a false charge, where the results of an investigation reveal a complaint of racial discrimination or harassment to be frivolous or groundless, the individual having made such a complaint may be subject to the same disciplinary action.