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Center4ME serves as an advocate to all students and seeks to celebrate cultural diversity through educational opportunities which are developed and presented through departmental programs.

To find out what program best fits you and how you can make a difference in your campus community check out the program pages below and contact a program coordinator today, or send us an email at center4me@liberty.edu.

The LEAD Fellowship

The Leadership Excellence and Academic Development Fellowship is designed to prepare undergraduate students to excel with a holistic approach to student development that consists of rigorous support for spiritual and intellectual growth.  This initiative focuses on Character Development (Spiritual Care, Leadership, Cultural Competency, and Mentoring), Academic Support, Career Guidance, Service Learning, and Family Involvement. The LEAD Fellowship fosters success through weekly workshops, accountability and experiential learning opportunities. 

Multicultural Resource Room

This resource room plays host to an ever expanding range of excellent diversity and multicultural materials. Currently available are 50+ different resources which include award winning documentaries, thought provoking scholarly journals, multicultural books and a wide variety of cultural magazines. The room features a DVD/MP3 audio player and large video display to view and listen to available media. At this time, materials are not available for checkout, they are at your disposal during regular office hours Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Stop by and use our Multicultural Resource Room in the Center for Multicultural Enrichment Green Hall 1878.

President’s Council

This council serves as a means to build a consistent, working relationship with Student Government Association clubs that have the mission to celebrate cultural diversity at Liberty University.  In the fall, a luncheon is hosted for the club advisors and presidents to discuss the upcoming year and how each club can benefit from partnering with the Center for Multicultural Enrichment on heritage month and other cultural competency events.  This council also serves as a think tank for ideas that will benefit Liberty University in the areas of multiculturalism.

Achievement Awards

In 1996, Liberty University instituted the Achievement Awards, a formal banquet to honor outstanding students and staff. This grand evening is comprised of  great entertainment, a four-course dinner, and awards presentations by the Center for Multicultural Enrichment, School of Education, Office of Student Conduct, Office of Student Leadership, and the Liberty University Multicultural Advisory Board. Everyone is invited to attend this event hosted in April annually.

Cultural Competency

In an effort to foster an appreciation of other cultures; this initiative involves a multitude of projects and events that include, but are not limited to the celebration of national heritage months.  Supporting Liberty University’s Statement of Mission and Purpose to: 1) Promote an understanding of the Western tradition and the diverse elements of American cultural history, and 2) Contribute to a knowledge and understanding of other cultures and of international events, cultural competency programming is intentional about student development from multicultural awareness → multicultural knowledge → multicultural skills.

  • Multicultural Awareness constitutes those values, attitudes and assumptions essential to working with those culturally different than one’s self
  • Multicultural Knowledge is content knowledge about various cultural groups that is typically not taught in preparation programs
  • Multicultural Skills consist of those behaviors that allow one to effectively apply multicultural awareness and knowledge that has been internalized