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Transportation and Parking

View the Commuter Transportation and Parking page for more information on commuter bus routes, the carpool program, parking summaries, and registering your vehicle with LUPD.

Commuter Bus Routes

A new free bus route has been added to provide faster service to commuters living at Walden Pond Apartments, Forestbrook Apartments, the VUE Apartments, County Green and Old Mill Townhomes. There is also a separate bus route providing service to Cornerstone.

View the Commuter Services Transportation and Parking page for information on the commuter bus routes.

Meal Plans

Eating affordably on campus is made possible when using Liberty Dining Meal Plan Points like cash! Feed your every craving at one of several dining locations on campus.

Commuter Orientation

Commuter Orientation is required for all students moving off-campus. Learn how you can protect your stuff, stay safe, save money and more. Topics include renter’s insurance, community relations, commuter parking and financial management.

Scholarship Resources

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