Then and Now Profiles

Stephanie Fisher

My name is Stephanie Fisher, and I graduated in May 2013 with a B.A. in English, an A.A. in Government, and a minor in Global Studies. I worked in the Dean of Students office for three years, and my experience was challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Never in my life have I had the opportunity to work every day with such godly and inspiring individuals. The staff and other students workers and I had fun and encouraging relationships, and, as a result, they were involved in some of my favorite memories of my college experience. I am thankful for the work-related preparation and experience my job gave me, but most of all, I am thankful for the incredible spiritual guidance I received as well. My experience at the Dean of Students was also an excellent launch into my current position as the Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor at Generation Church in Portland, TN. Thank you, Dean of Students and Liberty University!

Lauren Mosset

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Mosset, I graduated from Liberty University in May of 2013 with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Graphic Design and Studio Art. Through my time at Liberty, I spent one and a half years working for the Dean of Students office. This experience was by far one of the greatest blessings I received during my four years of education. Although it was a job, it was also a place of friendship, accountability, encouragement and professional development. I am so thankful for every opportunity the office gave me, challenging me to be a godly, diligent and loving person. While I was trained to be more professional, I came away with so much more. After graduation, God called me to move to Nashville, where he has since provided me with an amazing design job and a church where I am serving and meeting new friends. Newly engaged, I look forward to what is ahead and the opportunities that follow. Thank you Dean of Students office for helping develop my skills and impacting my future.

Sarah Day Knollenberg

I graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Communications: Public Relations. I worked in the DOS for 2 years mainly working the front desk and with Wislaine Dormay. Currently, Andrew and I have been married for 2 weeks and 2 days! Married life has been so fun! Last week Andrew and I moved into our new home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I will be working at Geico in sales starting in the middle of September. Andrew has just taken a job as Worship & Youth Pastor at Kempsville Baptist Church. We haven't announced this entirely yet because he leads worship for the first time this Sunday and the church will be voting on him at the end of the service. Andrew's first day will be this Monday (if the church votes yes!). We are so excited to be starting our life together as a married couple and in ministry! God is so faithful- Andrew got the job the week before we got married!

Megan Dent

My name is Megan Dent. I graduated from Liberty University in 2012 with a degree in graphic design. I worked in the Dean of Students for two years, where I learned many helpful lessons that I currently still apply to my life. Working in the Dean of Students office helped me learn how to maintain professional work relationships and also helped me learn time management. I consider the Dean of Students one of the most influential and helpful jobs that I’ve had so far. It was a big part in helping me get the job I currently have. I recently started working as my church’s youth group’s ministry assistant. As the ministry assistant I create graphic projects, help plan events, and also do some administrative work.

Jennifer Ping

Since graduating in 2012, God has lead me down a few paths to see where He wants me at the current time. This past year I have made the choice to take some time off and spend it with family as well as traveling. I received my degree in Family and Child Development with minors in Psychology and Women's Ministries. This summer I have been able to put my degree into practice to hopefully soon land a full time job. Over the summer I have been running two different programs at a summer camp to train young women and girls in leadership as well as becoming future counselors. The one program I created was a CIT (Counselor in Training) program. This program consisted of a 5 week training for girls age 16. The second program I created is the LIT (Leadership in training) program which consisted of a 3 week program for young girls age 15. Both programs focused on empowerment, leadership, hands on experience with campers, and teaching. The job is 24/7 but worth every minute! These types of jobs you don't do for the money, but the experience. You go into it planning on impacting the lives of these campers but in return they become the blessing in disguise. That's when you know you where you are supposed to be in the Lord's will. As the summer is ending soon and the new year will be creeping up on us, I am looking into a job working for the state of New Jersey working in Child Protective Services.

Jennifer Boden

I'm Jen Boden, and I graduated from LU last year with a degree in Studio Art and Youth Ministry.  I worked with the Deans of Students Office for two years as a student worker (and I still talk about how much I miss it all the time!).  Throughout college God did so much to change me and give me a passionate heart for youth ministry and missions.  I am currently a first year missionary art teacher on the Navajo Nation.  It's absolutely mind blowing to think of just how far I've come over the past five years, and the people and places God has brought along to grow me.  I'm so excited and thankful for what God is doing to bring glory to Himself.

Richard Brown

Education: Master of Divinity: Professional Ministries, Greek and Hebrew tracks (Dec. 2013); Master of Arts in Religion: Discipleship Ministries (May 2012, not conferred); Bachelor of Science in Religion: Pastoral Leadership, Biblical Studies minor (Dec. 2010).

Vocation: New title in the works (formerly the Ministry Coordinator of Supervised Field Ministry Experience), Center for Ministry Training

Ministry: Pastoral Intern at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, working on ordination... plan to be ordained around April 2014

Years at Student Care: Three years (August 2009–July 2012)

Most-Applicable Experience Gained: working in a biblical counseling environment, being mentored/ invested in by Pastor Dane Emerick and Jason Autry and working for Mike Kunzinger and Kalib Wilkinson.