About Army ROTC

ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is a college course designed to develop confident, competent, and adaptive leaders with the basic military science and leadership foundation necessary to lead small units and to evolve into the Army's future senior leaders. 

ROTC is divided into two courses, the Basic Course (freshman and sophomore years of college), which does not incur a military obligation but whose credits can be used toward a degree, and the Advanced Course (junior and senior years of college), which does incur a military obligation.

Army Officers

  • Start careers as leaders with abundant challenges and rewards
  • Possess strong leadership qualities as well as a desire to improve oneself and one’s country
  • Take a sworn oath
  • Are expected to live according to a strict code of conduct
  • Commit to the well-being of the country and adhere to written rules and traditions

Opportunities include working within one of 17 branches, specializing in a general field of interest with expanded specialization and career progression, and taking on different assignments around the globe every few years.

For more information on the Army ROTC program as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions for students, parents and advisors, please visit the Official Army ROTC website.

Join the ROTC Program

Decide your current commitment level. If you want to experience ROTC training for a semester or two to find out how much time and study is required, enroll in the basic course with no military obligation.

  • Freshmen: Enroll in MISC 101-001 and MISC 001-001
  • Sophomores: Enroll in MISC 201-001 and MISC 001-001
  • Note: If you decide becoming an Army Officer is not for you, these courses can also be used as electives.

If your level of commitment at this time is to become an Army Officer as soon as you finish your degree, please contact us as you may be a candidate to go directly into the Advanced Course or attend Cadet Summer Training (CST).

Contact Us

Contact us with questions or for information on different program and course opportunities as well as scholarship opportunities.

Course Catalog

For course information, please see the Liberty University course catalog.