New Changes for 2015 Convocation 

We are excited to announce some changes to Convocation this year. Our goal has always been to preserve the distinctives that make Convocation special, while at the same time enhancing the experience. Liberty University is blessed to have a president that leads a united team of faculty, staff, and administration. Without them, advancements like these would not be possible. 

More Diversity

This year’s schedule will be our most diverse to date. Our team has intentionally aimed to offer a variety of experiences in order to inform, educate, equip, edify, and on occasion, to simply entertain.

More Time to Get Going

Convocation will now begin at 10:30 AM. The new time was a direct result of a 30-minute bump in the standard academic class schedule. This change affords students more time in the mornings since early classes now begin at 8:15 AM rather than at 7:45 AM.

More Time Off 

There will be no Convocation the first Monday of the month. This change gives our student body some much needed margin so students can catch up on rest, homework, etc. For those who desire to gather on the first Monday, a non-mandatory prayer and intercession service will be held at the Prayer Chapel from 10:30-11:00 AM. This change also affords our faculty the opportunity to gather once a month for spiritual enrichment which led by the Office of the Provost.

More Flexibility 

In order to offer greater diversity to the Convocation experience, we will be adopting a more flexible time frame. Although the official hours are 10:30-11:45 AM, the average Convocation will continue to be about an hour long. But from time to time we may gather for as short as 30 minutes or as long as 70 minutes.

More Say So

Each undergraduate student will now be granted 1 unexcused absence from Convocation per semester. So whether you simply want to take the time to study before a test, or if you have a particular hesitation about attending a particular Convocation, this option is now afforded to you — no questions asked. You must notify your RA in advance of your intention to use this option, however, and failure to do so will warrant your absence being treated with the normative penalty.

More Access

This year students will be given more opportunities for interaction with guests than ever before. We have arranged for meet-and-greet opportunities, book signings, Q&A’s, ice cream receptions, and luncheons with many of our speakers. We believe that this will not only bless our student body, but also our guests as they interact with some of the most gracious and hospitable college students in the world.

More Expectation

All of these new opportunities come with a price, which is simply a higher level of expectation for every student in the way we love and serve one another.  We believe our student body will rise to even greater levels of maturity and graciousness in this new season. Changes of this magnitude affect everything from class schedules to meal times to bus routes and beyond. Freedom to opt out of a Convocation or to have greater access to world leaders or to honor a guest who goes a few minutes longer than usual will give us a chance not only to get more, but also to give more.