Department of Ministry Teams

Video Audition Information

If you are unable to attend the September, November or February CFAWs, you may audition for a vocal or instrumental position through video. The deadline for submission is February 5, 2016.

Your audition will be viewed within one week of your submission. No more than two weeks after submission, you will receive an email informing you whether or not you are being considered for a team. If you are considered for a team, we may request that you travel to the University for a live audition.

Audition Guidelines

Vocal Auditions:

  • Choose a song that will highlight your vocal range.
  • Song should be from a Christian genre (contemporary, worship, hymn, gospel, etc.).
  • Song can be sung with a music track (without lead vocals), or with a band.
  • Incorporate good stage presence. In addition to being evaluated on pitch, tone and technique, you will also be evaluated on presentation.

Instrumental Auditions:

  • Choose a song that will highlight your playing abilities. Songs that modulate in key, have changing rhythm patterns, and/or complex chord structures are encouraged.
  • Play a song that is published and familiar. This will help us make an accurate assessment of your abilities.
  • Song can be played with a music track that does not include the instrument you are auditioning for, with a band, or by yourself.
    Note: auditions for some instruments will require the use of a track or band (drums, bass guitar, etc.)
  • If you are auditioning for more than one instrument, you can either submit one video with two songs, or layer the tracks on one song.

Filming Checklist:

  • You can film your audition video at any location (home, church, school, etc.).
  • Make sure the camera is focused on you throughout the video.
  • If you are playing or singing with a band, make sure you can easily be identified.
  • High resolution videos are not required, however, good sound quality is necessary.


The Department of Ministry Teams uses Youtube or Vimeo as a means to view audition videos. To upload a video, go to or and create an account. Submit your audition by emailing a link to your video to The Department of Ministry Teams ( In the email, include:

  • Name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Current classification in high school or transfer college
  • Home address
  • Phone number

The deadline for submitting a video audition is February 5, 2016.