What is Snowflex?

The Most Innovative Surface On The Market

Invented by Briton Engineering’s Brian Thomas, Snowflex is a synthetic material designed to simulate the slip and grip effects of real snow. The most innovative surface on the market, Snowflex has a misting system that keeps it moist, maximizing speed and edge control. Snowflex retains its shape year-round, so riders can progressively sharpen their technique on its various contours. Unlike previous terrain technologies, Snowflex has multiple layers to cushion skiers and snowboarders if they should fall.

Snowflex possesses these unique qualities:

Slip and grip: Maximum forward speed; extra edge control for turning; realism is lost without speed and edge control

Safety: Ultra cushioning for falls; no holes in surface layer to get caught in; no sharp edges/surface metal to cause abrasions or cuts.

Formability: Ability to create adventurous and interesting terrain and stunt formations

Authenticity: Creates the thrill of real snow