Neveplast Tubing

In the Fall of 2013, Liberty Snowflex opened three new Neveplast tubing runs with year-round tubing options for everyone. In front of the Barrick-Falwell Lodge and next to our Snowflex nursery slope our beginner tubing run is 80ft long and offers speeds of up to 10mph. On the top slope, two tubing runs - one at 350ft long and the other at 500ft long - both offer speeds of up to 30mph. All three of these tubing runs are a safe, fun, and inexpensive way to enjoy the scenic campus of Liberty University as well the best view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in all four seasons. Come up and give our year-round tubing a try today! 

Pricing - $13 Per Hour

Liability Required - Each guest must have a signed liability waiver which can be completed either at Snowflex or ahead of time by clicking here 

Check out the Combo Pass - This $25 pass includes tubing, access to the Snowflex slopes, ski and snowboard rental equipment and our Olympic Trampoline for 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions for Tubing 

What are the rules for tubing? | What is the tubing run made of? | How wet will I get while tubing? | How fast does it go and how long is it? | What are the age/height restrictions? | Is there a price difference between the beginner and advanced runs? | Is there a lift to bring the tube back to the top of the run? | What should I wear to tube? | Can we bring our own tubes so we don’t have to pay the rental fee? | Can a parent ride with a child in the same tube?

What are the rules for tubing?

Answer: We’ve compiled our rules into an acronym that spells “FASTER

Feet up, legs up.

Arms in.

Stay seated until stopped.

Thumbs up to go.

Enjoy the ride.

Remember to have fun!

What is the tubing run made of?

Answer: Our tubing runs are constructed using a material called Neveplast. We use a misting system most days to keep our tubing runs fast and fun. Due to changing weather conditions there may be days when the misting system is not in use to keep the runs at a safe speed. 

How wet will I get while tubing?

Answer: If the misting system is in use on the particular day of your visit you may experience some water while tubing; however, we only use a small amount to help with the speed of the tubing runs and it is not enough significantly affect your experience.

How fast does it go and how long is it?

Answer: Our tubing runs can reach speeds of about 25-30mph depending on the weather/conditions and are about 300 - 500ft long.

What are the age/height restrictions?

Answer: Participants must be either 5 years old or 36 inches tall to ride our advanced tubing runs. Those not meeting these criteria may still use the beginner run.

Is there a price difference between the beginner and advanced runs?

Answer: Yes, the beginner tubing run is $5 per hour.

Is there a lift to bring the tube back to the top of the run?

Answer: Yes, both the beginner tubing run and the advanced tubing runs have conveyor lifts to assist you back up the hill. .

What should I wear to tube?

Answer: There are no designated clothing requirements other than wearing any type of shoes (flip-flops/sandals are ok; closed-toed shoes are recommended). Dress appropriately for the weather.

Can we bring our own tubes so we don’t have to pay the rental fee?

Answer: No. Our tubes have a special bottom that allows them to slide over the surface without damaging the Neveplast or the tubes. We also include the tube in the cost of tubing for the first hour.

Can a parent ride with a child in the same tube?

Answer: No. There is only one person per tube allowed on the two advanced tubing runs. We do allow 2 tubes to be linked together depending on the slope conditions (This can change anytime and is determined by the manager on duty).  We do allow on the smaller beginner hill, a parent to hold a child in one tube.  The parent can purchase a combo beginner tubing package.  The parent will be issued a pass specificly for the beginner hill. We don't allow tubes to be linked on the smaller run.