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Trails - Assessing Teachability and Dedication

We start out T2R with tryouts where our coaches will assess peoples teach-ability and some athletic ability.

The objective of the tryouts is not to pick the most skilled riders. Instead we choose people who have little-to-no experience on a snowboard so that everyone starts out on a level playing field.

We will be looking for people who listen well to instructions and can apply those instructions to their riding.


2 - Learning from Skilled Coaches

After tryouts we will be splitting participants up into 5 teams which consist of 5 people each.

These teams will each have a coach assigned to them who will be their main teacher and who will organize specific days each week for the whole team to practice.

Our coaches will teach you everything you need to know about snowboarding, however, the main focus will be on teaching how to hit boxes and rails. 


Rails - Competing

At the end of the two months the teams will put their skills to the test in a team based rail competition.

The winning team will walk away with awesome prizes!

No matter where each team places, all of the participants will gain tons of knowledge and skill in snowboarding and be able to navigate slopes everywhere.