LMSC Alert:

MAIN BUTTON LIFT IS DOWN: Skiers and snowboarders will need to use the conveyor belt lift until further notice.

LODGE CLOSURE: Friday, February 16th from 6PM - 10PM



All activities are FREE for Liberty Students!

No Snow? No Problem! Liberty University is the only college in the United States that comes with a facilty that has year-round Winter activities. Even better, LU students can use the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre (LMSC) for FREE! That includes the tramopoline, ski and snowboard lessons, tubing, EVERYTHING. All you need is your Flames Pass, a signed liability waiver, and a ride to the mountain!

1ST VIDEO: Quick Overview of LMSC | 2ND VIDEO: In-Depth Tour of LMSC

Things to Do

Jump on the Olympic Trampoline

Bounce around for fun or work on aerial awareness for freestyle riding or just for fun on our olympic grade trampoline. This ain't your standard backyard trampoline!

  • We now have trampoline boards that students can rent for free as well!
  • No more than 10 individuals are allowed in the trampoline area at a time. Call (434) 582-3539 to ask about how busy we are before you head up.
  • Be sure to obey all posted signage for your safety and the safety of the other guests using the trampoline.

Ski or Board on Snowflex

Briton Engineering's patented Snowflex surface makes it possible to participate in snowsports year-round! There are a few things that you should know before you show up to shred at LMSC:

  • Freestyle skiers and boarders should check out the LU Ski & Snowboard Team. Be on the lookout for an interest meeting early in the Fall Semester.
  • If you have never tried a snowsport before we highly recommend working with one of our instructors (some can also teach freestyle riding) by calling (434) 592-5501 to schedule a lesson.
  • 2 inches of foam cushioning underneath the Snowflex material ensures that the different impacts that you might experience while riding are minimal.
  • Snowflex can be abrasive to bare skin. We highly recommend covering your knees and elbows to avoid the dreaded "carpet burn" as much as possible.
  • Expect to get a little wet. Snowflex has a misting system designed to keep the slope fast all year long. Yep... even in the heat of the Summer!

Tube on Neveplast

There are three different tubing runs at LMSC. One smaller run (80 ft. long) infront of the Barrick-Falwell Lodge and two larger runs next to the main slope (350 and 500 ft.). More info below:

  • If you are nervous to try it alone that's ok! Tubes can be linked together and you can send it with a partner.
  • We sometimes turn on LED lights on the slope that look really cool at night.

Hangout in the Barrick-Falwell Lodge

The lodge at LMSC has a ski resort feel to it with wood accents and trophy animals. It is the perfect place to get away for either studying or relaxation! 

  • We are connected to the same WiFi network as the rest of campus.
  • There is a small retail/concessions stand stocked with LMSC apparel, drinks, and snacks (Flames Cash accepted).