LMSC Alert: The Button Lift servicing the Upper Slope is currently down. We will let you know when it is back up and fully operational. Please note that the Conveyor Lift is still in operation and services both the Upper Slope and Tubing Runs. x

Snowflex Map

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Map not to scale. Actual park layout is subject to change and appear bigger and more awesome in real life.

WARNING: By their very nature, skiing and snowboarding are dangerous action sports and contain risks. No matter how careful the athletes are or safe the facilities, there is always a chance of injury. These risks can be reduced with proper care but are never eliminated.

Slope Report

Beginner Slope Open
Rope Lift Open
Conveyor Lift Open
Beginner Hill Tubing Park Open
Main Slope Open
Button Lift Open
Conveyor Lift 1 Open
Conveyor Lift 2 Open
Tubing Run A Open
Tubing Run B Open
Trampoline Closed
BagJump Closed


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The Lodge

Downstairs Lodge (Ticketing, Rentals, & Ski School Open
Upstairs Lodge Open
Concessions Open