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Snowboarders for Christ Ministries

Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ USA (SFC USA) is a grassroots organization that exists to create a bridge between the snow-riding culture and Jesus, partnering with the local Church. SFC USA leaders believe God’s Word calls them to find their identity in Jesus, to engage those within their culture through genuine, loving relationships, and to do selfless acts for others as they share the Gospel message.

History between LMSC and SFC

A rich history exists between the two organizations, from sponsoring events to helping facilitate our Next Level Summer Camps. We serve each other as mutual beneficiaries with a common end goal: guiding those within our reach to Jesus Christ. This goal is further realized and brought to fruition through our camps. SFC brings some of the best coaches in the country from many of their USA chapters and we are able to serve those who attend our camps together. 

What this means for campers

SFC and LMSC host a bible study for any camper who wishes to attend every day throughout Next Level Summer Camps. Personal testimonies are shared by our camp staff describing life situations that may be familiar to many of our campers and how Jesus Christ has changed us for the better. We would never force anyone to attend these daily sessions, but everyone is welcome to attend if they choose to do so. If you or your camper wishes not to attend these sessions, there is no pressure from our camp staff. We hope to impact all of our campers for the week that they are at our facility. All of them will become better skiers, snowboarders, or skaters, and some of them will also gain a new relationship with their Heavenly Father.