LMSC Alert:

Next Level Summer Camp Registration is officially open! Make sure to register by March 19th to receive the 10% off for our early bird discount. Go to the NEXT LEVEL tab for the NLSC webpages!


Next Level Development Program

*These prices will be pro-rated should you start the program after October 15th (up until November 5th). Email iegibson@liberty.edu for more information!

Program Overview

The program will consist of eight weekend practices occuring every Saturday from October 15 - December 10 (with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend). Each practice will be broken up into two sessions as follows:

  • 10AM - 12PM: Coaching Session

  • 12PM - 1PM: Lunch Break (lunch will not be provided)

  • 1PM - 3PM: Filming & Review Session 

Unlimited Lift Pass: This pass will allow participants to get unlimited ski/snowboard passes during all LMSC operational hours until the end of the program

Unlimited Rentals: This will give partipants unlimited access to rental gear during all LMSC operational hours until the end of the program

Team Hoodie: Each participant will be given a Next Level Development Team (NLDT) hoodie for paticipating in the program

Private Lessons: Private lessons can be used during any of LMSC operational hours for one-on-one coaching with an instructor