Ski & Board Lessons

No Snow? No Problem! Take advantage of our year-round, snowless slopes by signing up for a lesson with one of our highly qualified instructors. Snowflex is the only year-round slope with 2 full inches of padding which ensures minimal impact when learning both the basics of riding and the more difficult freestyle maneuvers. The bottom line is, whether your are an intermediate/advanced rider looking to progress your freestyle abilities or a complete beginner just getting into snow sports, you will have tons of fun learning and progressing at LMSC! 

Schedule a Lesson

Price - $20 for 1 Hour 

How do I schedule a lesson?

Call Ahead - The best way to lock down your spot is to call ahed at (434) 592-5501

Walk In - If the lesson block is open you can schedule a lesso at the cashier desk

What is included?

Snowflex Instructor - One instructor will be yours for the hour

Lift Pass - Normally $8, this pass is included with the lesson 

Rental equipment is not included and costs $14 for the day.