Summer Camp Coaching Style

The coaching style of the Next Level Summer Camps is designed to help skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels learn as much as possible during their time at the Liberty University Snowflex Centre. Our facility is unique in that it allows us to push progression more than is normally possible on snow. The coaching staff at the Next Level Summer Camps is a mixture of qualified resident coaches and guest pros. 

What sets our coaching staff apart from other camps?

Our coaching staff is dedicated to working with campers, helping them progress to the next level.  Unlike many other camps, our coaches spend a lot of one on one time with the campers to ensure they receive the instruction needed to progress.  Our coaches will be skiing and snowboarding alongside each camper to provide instant and helpful feedback.  Not only this, but because our surface is so consistent, it allows our coaches to focus solely on technique for various tricks without having to worry about varying conditions.

The skills that are taught to each camper are based on their skill level. We classify each camper into one of three categories: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Some of the concepts that we focus on in these classifications are listed below:

Beginner Level

  • Proper edge use
  • Make sure group members know how to use both toe and heel edge.
  • Balance 
  • Making sure that group members keep their weight centered over their board.
  • Introducing group members to jumps
  • Concentrating on balance and edge use going into the feature
  • Concentrating on proper techniques for take off/pop
  • Depending on the individual – introducing members to spins
  • Introducing group members to boxes/rails
  • Concentrating on proper edge use and head/shoulder placement going into a feature.
  • Understanding proper speed needed for feature.
  • Introducing them to basic box/rail tricks (i.e. 50/50; boardslides; noseslides; etc.)

Intermediate Level

  • Boxes/Rails
  • Specific base line tricks such as boardslides, frontside boardslides, noseslides, tailsides, etc.
  • Introducing campers to new rail tricks (spins on, spins off, brief introduction into switch)
  • Jumps
  • Concentrating on aspects that have to do with approach, such as speed, set up turns, and timing. 
  • This group will be introduced to spins (i.e.180, 360, 540).  

Advanced Level

  • Rails/Boxes
  • Campers in this group will be encouraged to take their box tricks to rails.  
  • Coaches will be introducing spins on and off rails at this level.
  • Switch rail tricks are taught at this level.
  • Jumps
  • Skills in better air awareness.
  • Campers will start learning some larger spins (i.e. 540, 720, 900). 
  • Members of this group will also have the option of learning flips/rodeos.

What’s Available to You?


  • Wide and Short Flat Boxes
  • Small Rail
  • Small Jumps


  • Flat Boxes
  • Rainbow Box
  • Pyramid Features/Stalls
  • Small Rails
  • Small Wall Rides
  • Small Jumps and 10’ Jumps (Measured by the distance from the lip of the jump to knuckle)


  • Flat Boxes
  • Down Rails
  • Up Rails/Boxes
  • Pyramid Feature (Gatorade Rail)
  • Down Flat Down Rail
  • Small Jumps, 10’ Jump, and 30’ Jump (Measured by the distance from the lip of jump to knuckle)
  • Waterfall Rail
  • Wall Ride
  • Stall Features