All season tubing

Year-round tubing at Snowflex

Neveplast Tubing Run

In the Fall of 2013, we opened three new tubing slopes that offer an array of tubing for everyone. We have the nursery slope Neveplast tubing run that is 80ft long and can offer speeds upward of 10mph. Up on the top slope there are two Neveplast tubing runs, the first is 350ft long and offers speeds of around 30mph. The second run up top is 500ft long and also offers speeds of around 30mph. All of these tubing runs are a safe, fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the scenic campus of Liberty University. Come up today and give all three of the new tubing runs a go. 


Monday - Thursday: $10.00 for the first hour & $5.00 every hour after.

Friday - Sunday $12.00 for the first hour & $7.00 every hour after.

*$5 of the first hour is a tube usage fee, however, this does not guarantee your usage of the tube for that entire hour. 

Tubing 101 What to know

Beginner Slope (60ft)  Advanced Slope (350ft & 375ft)

Q: What are the rules for tubing?

A: We’ve compiled our rules into an acronym that spells “FLAMES”
F: feet first, head up
L: leash inside the tube. Do not hold onto the leash.
A: arms and feet up, away from sides of track
M: maintain seated position until fully stopped
E: exercise caution and follow instructions
S: signal “good to go” with a thumbs-up, every time
Q: What is the tubing run made of?
A: Our tubing runs are constructed using a material called Neveplast. Neveplast is a plastic material that does not require a misting lubrication system for operation like our Snowflex surface does. Instead, it is lubricated periodically with silicone.
Q: How fast does it go and how long is it?
A: Our tracks reach speeds of about 25-30mph depending on the weather and conditions and are about 300 - 500ft long.
Q: What are the age/height restrictions?
A: Participants must be either 5 years old or 36 in. tall to ride our upper tubing runs. Those not meeting these criteria may still use the nursery Neveplast runs.
Q: Is there a price difference between the lower and upper runs?
A: No.
Q: Is there a lift to bring the tube back to the top of the run?
A: On the upper slope, yes. There is no lift for tubing on the Nursery slope.
Q: What should I wear to tube?
A: There is no designated clothing requirement other than wearing any type of shoes (flip-flops/sandals are ok). Although long sleeves and pants are recommended for tubing, they are only required for skiing or snowboarding.
Q: Can we bring our own tubes so we don’t have to pay the rental fee?
A: No. Our tubes have a special bottom that allows them to slide over the surface without damaging the Neveplast or the tubes.
Q: What is the cost to go tubing?
A: On Monday – Thursday, tubing costs $10+tax for your first hour and $5+tax every additional hour. 
Friday – Sunday, the cost is $12+tax for your first hour and $7 for every additional hour.

For more information and questions please contact us at (434) 582-3539. If you are looking to schedule a group event or party please email Naomi Joseph at