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LMSC Wants Summer Camp To Be Easy For You!

A Brief Note From Us. 

Feeling a little lost in all of this summer camp stuff? It can be tough as a parent to select the right camp for your skier, snowboarder or skater. I’d like to take a moment to assure you of the safety, value, and benefit of choosing a Next Level Summer Camp at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre and Skate Park.

Safety: Not only are we located on one of the safest college campuses in the world but all of our employees and coaches are First Responder Certified and our Campus Police department can have a Medic up here in mere minutes. To avoid all of this, however, we require that all campers and guests of our facility wear helmets while participating in freestyle oriented riding. We also implement other physical safety activities before partaking in activities, things such as stretching and safe-style riding. We want you and your child to have a great experience, and one that will make you want to come back.

Value: Safety is always a top concern but making sure you get a good value with your hard earned money is definitely second. Flying out west these days can cost more than an entire week at our camp. Add both the flight and the cost of camp together and you will quickly see our camp cost nearly a quarter of their's. Next Level Summer Camp is located in beautiful Lynchburg, Virginia; so why pay more when we’re so close?

Benefits: The benefits of this camp easily outweigh any costs, not only does your child get five memorable days with their friends and progression in his or her area of passion, but they get a camp located on the East Coast that has the best rails, jumps and coaching. Not to mention that our campus has more activities than a theme park and shares all the same values of Liberty University. Between snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, paintball, swimming, etc. there is no way that they can leave without having the time of their life.

If you need any extra encouragement or have any questions please contact us.

Thank you,

Next Level Summer Camps.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do the campers stay for the week? 

Answer: We stay on the beautiful 7,000+ acre campus of Liberty University and more specifically in the dorm facilities located there. 

2. Is food provided? and if so what can they expect to eat? 

Answer: Liberty University treats us well and allows us to dine at their dining hall. This facility offers an array of dining genres for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cost for food is included in the camp price. However, we do recommend that campers bring snacks for the hours between meals. 

3. Can parents stay on the dorms with their child? 

Answer: We do not allow parents to stay with their children on the dorm facilities, we group like ages together in the dorms to prevent any questionable things from happening. Parents who would like to stay the week are encouraged to stay with our business partner The Wingate by Wyndham who are the closest to our facility and offer discounted rates to LMSC attendees. 

4. When is the drop-off and pick-up time? 

Answer: Campers must arrive at camp from 12:00PM-4:00PM on Sunday for check-in and they must be picked-up by 12:00PM Friday. 

5. Are afternoon activities mandatory? 

Answer: Afternoon activities are not mandatory but if a camper wishes to not attend one then he/she must stay on the dorm hall under the supervision of camp staff. Naptime is considered an afternoon activity. 

6. Is there a minimum age for the overnight camp? 

Answer: No. There is no official minimum age for our overnight camp. We're happy to accommodate many age groups and skill levels. The general rule of thumb is to consider if your child would require more supervision than other children or you are concerned about his/her skill level. If this is a concern, LMSC does offer day camps as well. 

There is a maximum age, a camper can not be over the age of 21. 

7. What are the hours for Day Camp? 

Answer: 8:00AM-4:00PM. 

8. Is there online registration? 

Answer: Yes! For 2014 we do have an online form, and we accept all major credit card companies. 

9. How many campers can a room accommodate? 

Answer: The rooms accommodate up to three campers each. But don't sweat it if you can't get all your friends in the same room because they'll most likely be next door. The rooms are in long dormitory halls and very convenient for hanging out with all your buddies, and supervision. 

Has your question not been answered? Please email us!


Zero Tolerance Policy

We have an absolute zero tolerance policy when it comes to things that violate our code of conduct. Such things are as follows is subject to change at the discretion of the Next Level Summer Camp’s staff.

  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No tobacco use
  • No theft or vandalism
  • No leaving the boundaries of Liberty University
  • No weapons, violence, or abusive language
  • No bullying of any sorts
  • No material consisting of a pornographic nature
  • No kissing
  • No hugging of a sexual nature
  • Nothing of a sexual nature whatsoever (i.e. jokes, looks, harassment, touches, etc.)
  • 11:30 PM curfew

Campers who waiver from these policies can and will be expelled from their session with no apology or refund, they may be blacklisted from the facility and Liberty University, and they may be subject to prosecution of the law. Snowboarding and Skiing is fun, not following these camp rules is not fun. 


Lodging and Dining

Liberty University’s dining services take great care of any and all of our food needs. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Reber-Thomas Dining hall which is conveniently located next to our lodging. The dining service can meet almost all needs such as food allergen or special preparation that is necessary to one’s diet. (Please make sure this is well known to the Next Level Summer Camp staff prior to your arrival).

We wake every camper up for breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, due to an overwhelmingly hard time waking campers upyear after yearwe have decided to leave the decision up to the parent. If you decide that your camper doesn't need to wake up for breakfast, you can express this to their counselor and we will allow them to sleep in until the morning coaching session. 


What To Bring To Camp

  • Ski/Snowboard equipment (boots, board, skis, bindings, poles, helmet)
  • (We do offer free rentals to all campers who need it)
  • Clothing for 5 days to ride in, play in, swim in, sleep in, etc.
  • Close toed shoes (skate park, paintball, rock-wall, etc).
  • Bathroom/Shower gear (towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, sandals, etc.).
  • Bedroom gear, beds are twin sized (fitted sheet, pillow, various other sheets, etc.).
  • Snacks (food is provided but snacks are good too) (there are no refrigerators in the rooms).
  • Skate park stuff (board, bike, skates, helmet)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Good attitude
  • Anything else that will improve your stay (as long as it doesn’t violate our zero tolerance policy). 


What Not To Bring

  • Weapons of any kind (excludes personal paintball gun, must be checked in with staff at check-in).
  • Fireworks
  • R-rated movies+
  • Anything of a pornographic nature 
  • Drugs, Alcohol or Related Paraphernalia 
  • Foul Language 
  • Bad Attitude 


Camp Registration

2014 Registration is open!

Next Level Summer Camp 2014 is entering the 21st century. We will have registration taking place online and will be accepting all major credit cards. 

Click Here to register now.

If you prefer the paper-trail method, we will still have concrete registration via a downloadable PDF that you can mail to us with a personal check, certified check, or money order. We will also be accepting credit cards over the phone if you prefer that method for payment. 

Regardless the method, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to be registered for camp.   

Make all checks payable to the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

Payment Information

For the balance remaining, you will receive an email on May 15 as a reminder that the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file. If there is no credit card on file, all remaining balances must be paid either through a personal check or calling in with your credit card information by June 1. Failing to have final payment in by June 1 may result in the reserved session(s) and deposit being forfeited. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact us

*All Credit Card information is stored in Liberty University's secure servers, if you wish that we not store your credit card information just let us know.


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