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Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

Liberty University, nestled in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, is known more for its extreme sports than its snowfall. But now, Liberty has redefined winter sports and created a monstrous marketing opportunity by introducing Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.

Liberty University is actively seeking corporate sponsors for this unique attraction that is sure to create and energize domestic markets for gear, clothing, travel, media and sports competition.

Want to capture an elusive market and triple your selling season? Opportunities range from a $150 ski assistance grant to $350,000 for the general ski area on the main slope.

Contact Drew Sherwood today and stake your claim on Liberty Mountain!

Naming Opportunity Prices

On the slope

  Beginner Slope $100,000
  Beginner Lift $50,000
  Terrain Park $250,000
  Jump 1 $20,000
  Jump 2 $20,000
  The D $350,000
  Rail 1 $10,000
  Rail 2 $10,000
  Quarter-pipe $100,000
  Main Lift $100,000
  Outdoor Lighting $50,000




The Building

  Deck 1 $10,000
  Deck 2 $10,000
  Deck 3 (front) $20,000
  ADA Ramp $20,000
  Great Room $30,000
  First Aid Room $10,000
  Meeting Room $30,000
  Operating/Rental Area $40,000
  GM Office $10,000
  Office Area $10,000
  Food Area $10,000
  Grand Stairway $10,000




  Parking $20,000
  Surveillance $3,000
  Ski Assistance Grant $150
  Entrance Walkway $7,500
  Landscaping $7,500
  Main Entrance $10,000
  Equipment Replacement Fund $30,000
  ADA Equipment $30,000
  Total $108,150
Grand Total $1,378,150