LMSC Alert: The Button Lift servicing the Upper Slope is currently down. We will let you know when it is back up and fully operational. Please note that the Conveyor Lift is still in operation and services both the Upper Slope and Tubing Runs. x

Next Level Development Program

Summer Program

Overview: The program will consist of four weekend practices occuring every Saturday during the specified dates of each season. As an additional benefit, all participants will have full access to the Snowflex facility during the program. For a more detailed breakdown of all the perks of the program look below...

Dates: August 12th - September 2nd 

Saturday Morning Session Itinerary:

  • 10AM - 12PM: Coaching Session

  • 12PM - 1PM: Lunch Break (lunch will not be provided)

  • 1PM - 3PM: Filming & Review Session 

Unlimited Lift Pass: This pass will allow participants to get unlimited ski/snowboard passes during all LMSC operational hours

Unlimited Rentals: This will give partipants unlimited access to rental gear during all LMSC operational hours

Team Hoodie: Each first-time participant will be given a Next Level Development Team (NLDT) hoodie 

Private Lessons: Team members have the option to purchase lessons for $10 usable during Non Peak hours only (Monday - Thursday)