To assist in freestyle progression, LMSC implemented a BagJump at our facility in the Fall of 2014. BagJump allows a user to attempt progressive maneuvers with unprecedented low consequence. Learn more about BagJump on their website

Airbag Use

In order to be approved for airbag use, customers must pass a competency course with our ski & snowboard school staff; this is to ensure that a rider is able to safely use the BagJump. 

Hours of Operation

Friday: 4PM - 8PM

Saturday: 3PM - 8PM

Sunday: 4PM - 8PM

*Airbag is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be 15 slots per day during the 2-hour time slot.

Pricing (all prices subject to applicable taxes)

            General Public
            Training Class + First Day: $36
            Once Approved: $20

            LU students*
            Training Class + First Day: Free
            Once Approved: Free

*LU Students must have LU ID and their account must be in good standing.

Airbag Rules 

  1. Must complete the BagJump training course before using the airbag
  2. Must have a valid BagJump pass to use the airbag
  3. Must obey the posted signs
  4. Use at your own risk
  5. Inverted tricks at your own risk
  6. Respect the code and know your limits