Center for Ministry Training


The mission statement of the CMT is to create ministry opportunities and cultivate a ministry consciousness at Liberty University.


The vision statement of the CMT is to train up students to become multiplying disciple makers and church leaders that are missional Christ followers who desire to fulfill the Great Commission. 


About Us

The Center for Ministry Training (CMT) is an innovative, fully integrated training center; encompassing academic, social, and administrative functions and exists as a medium to provide services and space that meet the unique needs of not only Seminary and ministry students, but all University students who are wanting  ministry training, experience and placement possibilities.

The Center for Ministry Training actively recruits and trains students to live missionally where ever they are, regardless of one’s occupation, so that they are impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

In addition, the Center for Ministry Training works closely with ministry students from the Undergraduate and Liberty  Baptist Theological Seminary.  The Center for Ministry Training is the practical ministry arm of LBTS and Liberty University. The CMT's purpose is to train students to engage the world in an effective way with the Gospel.


The Center for Ministry Training has a unique blend of training students  through Ministry Impact, small-group opportunities, exposure trips, introducing students to church planters and leaders and helping provide practical ministry experience through local church experiences, and internships.