Fall 2014 Resident Graduate Scholarship Winner Announced

June 23, 2014





The Resident Graduate Admissions team at Liberty University would like to congratulate Truyn Mosher, as the winner of the Fall 2014 Graduate Admissions Scholarship, valued at $500!

Truyn Mosher, an incoming Master of Divinity in Theology with a specialization in apologetics, is a farm boy from Wellsville, Kansas. He attended Sterling College, in Kansas, for his undergraduate degree in Education, Exercise Science with a minor in Christian Ministries.

According to Mosher, "Following Sterling, I felt a lead for Ministry, but didn't know what. It became a 2+ year humbling process, and in that I found love in studying Scripture and Apologetics. That studying and growth in the Lord made me realize it was time for me to look for a grad school. I gave it to The Lord. I told Him, 'You picked out Sterling for me; you'll pick our the Graduate School for me.' I knew that The Lord would provide financially and pick the perfect school for me. I started with a Google search and within 30 minutes I found and knew Liberty University was it. God picked it. From there, timing, God gave me a friend from camp-days in Colorado to house with at Liberty. We are both stating the Graduate Program at the same time. It's tough to up-root and leave family, but blessings like this - the perfect school, perfect program, just right finance, a scholarship, and a friend to house with - these blessings are not over-looked, and I am very gracious. Feeling blessed! " 

Mosher is most looking forward to attending Liberty because, "I've been studying Apologetics for the past couple years as an amateur. I plan on working on tons of arguments that simply prove that 'God exists,' as well as working on arguments to lead a person to the realization of the need for Jesus Christ!"

The $500 Resident Graduate Scholarship initiative was designed to encourage students to apply to one of over 50 Resident Graduate degree programs offered on campus. Residential graduate programs are now offered in the areas of Business, Counseling, Sport Management, English, Divinity, History, Public Health, Communication, and Law.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2014 semester. Current Liberty students and Alumni interested in attending graduate school at Liberty will have the $50 application fee waived if a paper application is submitted. Application instructions for Resident Graduate Programs are available here.