Dr. Leo Percer

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Dr. Percer grew up near the Mississippi River in Millington, Tennessee. He attended Christian Brothers University for one year before transferring to Union University, where he received a B.A. in Religion (with minors in Greek and Sociology). After college, Dr. Percer attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he earned an M.Div. From Louisville. He then moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky and attended Western Kentucky University, where he received his M.A. in Humanities. Dr. Percer then moved to Waco, Texas, to take classes in Baylor University’s Graduate School of Religion.

He received his Ph.D. in Religion (minor in Philosophy) from Baylor.  While in Waco, he met his wife Lisa at Highland Baptist Church, and they married in March 1994. They now reside in Lynchburg, Virginia with their two children. 

He came to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2004 and teaches Hermeneutics, New Testament Orientation 1 & 2, the Gospel of John, Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter, Life of Christ, New Testament World, and Greek Tools.  He also directs the Ph.D. Program for the seminary and teaches a variety of biblical studies classes including the Theology of Paul, Intertestamental Period, and Use of the OT in the NT.

Degrees earned

Doctor of Philosophy Baylor University
Master of Arts Humanities (Philosophy and Religion) Western Kentucky University
Master of Divinity Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
BA in Religion (minors: Greek & Sociology) Union University


Professional Experience

Adjunct Professor - McLennan Community College 2002-2004
Adjunct Professor - Baylor University 2000-2002


Recent publication

At Home in a Strange Land (editor)  2013
The Essence of the Old Testament: A Survey (editor) 2012
GUIDE to Differentiated Instruction for Christian Educators (editor) 2012
“Confidence in Christ and the Sin unto Death—When Should a Believer Not Pray?” (ETS) 2012
“The Letter to the Hebrews” in Lexham Bible Dictionary 2011
Review of Four Views of the Warning Passages in Hebrews by Herbert W. Bateman IV (Criswell Theological Journal) 2009
Review - The Biblical Canon: Its Origin, Transmission, & Authority, by Lee M. McDonald (Criswell Theological Journal) 2009
The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Apocrypha, Gnosticism, the Lost Gospels of Jesus) 2008
“To Be Perfectly Clear:  Scientology as a Post-Modern Mystery Religion” (International Society of Christian Apologetics) 2008