November 2012 Employee Newsletter


A Word from Chancellor Falwell


This is an eventful time for both our university and our country. Liberty University is determined to remain true to the conservative Christian values upon which this school and this nation were founded, the very principles that make America great. This month, all university faculty and staff are encouraged to take a stand and influence the future by voting. As a Liberty employee, you have the potential to impact your community and the nation by participating in local and national elections on Nov. 6

Be sure to go out and exercise your privilege to vote this November!
In our ongoing endeavor to reward and support our employees, a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) has been implemented for virtually all Liberty staff hired before April 1, 2012, including hourly benefited staff employees, non-benefited hourly staff employees, and full-time salaried staff employees.
This three percent adjustment has been put into effect to assist with the rise in inflation in 2012. Beyond this pay adjustment, leadership is continuing the wage and compensation analysis that was announced at the kickoff of the You Matter campaign last year. This process of survey and assessment is ongoing as we make certain Liberty’s pay scale is aligned with fair market rates.
It is my hope that this will be a blessing to you as you continue to call Liberty and the surrounding Lynchburg community home. 


You Stand Out

This November, the You Matter campaign is launching a new incentive program called You Stand Out.

As part of this program, senior leadership of the university will be given tickets each month to distribute among employees outside their department who have stood out as people who do their jobs exceptionally well. The tickets are Liberty's way of thanking those whose hard work and dedication (often behind the scenes) makes a difference, and will be redeemable for a Barnes & Noble gift card.
Be on the lookout — you never know when you might be handed a ticket!


Taking Time to Write a Note

Ted Whitney, Director of Online Communities

The You Matter website offers multiple resources, including over 60 suggestions for showing Liberty employees how important they are. Many of these ideas involve something as simple as taking the time to write a note. Ted Whitney, Director of Online Communities, has been doing this for years, making it a priority to write at least four thank you notes each month. He believes that sometimes managers have to set the example and show their employees what it means to be a thankful leader.

Over the years, Ted has kept a "Way to Go" file filled with thank you notes he has received. On occasion, he pulls one and reads it. "These notes are encouraging," he says, "and help me remember God's blessings."
10 Ways to Say “You Matter” Using Notes:
  • Post a thank you note on an employee’s cubicle.
  • Make a thank you card by hand.
  • Send a letter to all team members at the conclusion of a project, thanking them for their participation.
  • Write a letter of praise recognizing specific contributions and accomplishments. Send a copy to the employee’s HR personnel file.
  • Post a large “celebration calendar” in your work area. Tack on notes of recognition to specific dates.
  • Purchase a favorite book as a gift and write a personal note inside. Give a framed poem, poster, or card as a thank you.
  • Give a note reading, “Thank you. You’re a lifesaver!” attached to a roll of Life Savers.
  • Send birthday cards to employees’ homes signed by a dean or director.
  • Choose one employee per month and write them a thank you note or publicly recognize their contribution.

Employee Appreciation Events in October

We are happy to see you getting connected with all that has been happening on Liberty Mountain.

In early October, a record number of alumni registered for Homecoming Weekend 2012. Our own Liberty graduates, many of whom are now faculty and staff, participated in the festivities. Those who attended experienced a weekend packed with events, including a Flames Football win against Gardner-Webb, the annual parade, a carnival, and more!
To further celebrate Liberty’s hard-working and dedicated employees, Liberty hosted the annual Employee Appreciation Day football game on Saturday, Oct. 20. This was a wonderful opportunity to cheer on the Flames with free tickets and concession vouchers provided by Human Resources. We hope you enjoyed a great game and fellowship with your family, friends, and co-workers. 
This month, Enrollment Management also took time out to say thank you to their department employees by hosting their Annual Employee Picnic. Spending the afternoon at Peaks View Park, everyone enjoyed delicious food, abundant fellowship, and friendly competition. The departments split up to play each other tournament-style in football, softball, and kickball. Liberty University Online took the win in softball, Financial Aid took the trophy in kickball, and Resident Enrollment and Financial Aid combined to take the victory in football. Congratulations to everyone!
All in all, we hope each of you took time to kick off fall with some fun and refreshing moments. 


Customer Service Pocket Guide — Available Online and in Print

The printed pocket guide you received in June is a great reminder of Liberty's standards regarding customer service expectations.  Please review it frequently to make sure you are communicating Liberty's unique and Christian vision to every student and guest. If you need another printed copy, please contact the Marketing Department at

The Customer Services Pocket Guide is also available anytime online in a PDF format for your convenience!


Employees of the Month — November 2012

Congratulations to our November Employees of the Month. You are a tremendous blessing to this university, and we are thankful for you. Working amid so many outstanding colleagues, this recognition is proof that you go above and beyond normal expectations to consistently produce excellent work with a Christ-like attitude and spirit. Thank you for all you do to make Liberty the shining light it is. 
Kris BeCraft, Mark Beigle, Elaine Dinwiddie, Matt Fleming, Mary Franklin, Geary Gadomski, Ja Gu, Charles Hylton, Jessica Jacoboski, Cliff McQuigg, Faye Smith, Kimberly Stockwell, Lew Weider


You Matter Twitter in October

The You Matter Twitter account has been very active throughout October. Here are a few of the best tweets we received from you and your co-workers over the past month.

Thankful for leadership development day here at @LibertyU.
Great article on the importance of communication within big companies.
“To succeed in life we must stay within our strength zone but move out of our comfort zone.” - John Maxwell
“A culture of discipline is not a principle of business; it is a principle of greatness.” - Jim Collins


Send Us Your Feedback

God has been doing great things at Liberty this fall. We'd love to hear from you about how the You Matter campaign is going. Feel free to send us your feedback and ideas.
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Leadership is not just about saying inspiring things, but about working alongside your employees.