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Top Employees of August 2015

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Erin Reeder

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst I

Erin Reeder joined the Analytics and Decision Support team in July 2014. She handles projects and tasks related to the university’s Learning Management Systems products. Erin has made many contributions to our team that have streamlined processes, increasing efficiency in the many tasks given to our office. She welcomes new challenges, completes everything with excellence, and is always looking for opportunities to improve her knowledge and skills. Her positive attitude and willingness to take on complex problems make her an important part of our team, and it is a privilege to work with her.

Brad Butler

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Site Developement Coordinator

Brad is one of the newest members to our team. He has proved invaluable in his brief time here. He comes from a strong background in commercial site work. Brad played football for Liberty and worked for Liberty upon graduation. Brad is an avid fisherman, hiker, and motorcyclist. He and his wife have three sons. We are grateful for his enthusiastic and good-hearted nature. Congratulations, Brad — great job!

Emilee Forner

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Project Coordinator

Emilee Forner is a great asset to the Marketing Department. Her fantastic work ethic and enthusiasm for her projects make her a joy to work with. She has consistently tackled large workloads and intricate client requests, and she does so with a great attitude and desire for excellence. Emilee has a consistently teachable spirit and desire to work well with her clients for an excellent end product. Her cheerful attitude and smile encourage her team on a daily basis. We are thankful for all that Emilee brings to her team and the office as a whole!

Mark Howieson

Dept: Academics
Title: Production Manager

Mark has been a stellar employee since he first arrived in July 2012. He works tirelessly to make sure all theatre productions are professionally designed; he works with five different directors and as many as 10 different designers in an academic year. His ability to see the world of storytelling through such a vivid imagination is a huge asset to our department. He is a brilliant designer himself and mentors all the other designers. Tower Theater productions would fall far below world-class without Mark Howieson.

Jeffery Hurley

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Security Engineer

Jeff has a quiet confidence that comes from a humble, serving heart. So when you talk to him, it is wonderful how confidently he articulates his wealth of knowledge and experience. Always willing to jump in and help in any way, Jeff is a consummate team player who is glad to use his knowledge and skills in service to the team, the department, and the university.

Connie Martin

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Customer Service Representative

Connie Martin has been a vital part of the Data Entry/Donor Services Office since 2003. Her attention to detail is extremely beneficial. She applies this skill in researching donation records for customers and donors, verifying and sending donation receipts, reviewing possible duplicate records with Analytics & Decision Support staff, maintaining contact information on various databases, and processing donations. Her astuteness is a blessing to our office, our customers, and our donors. Her readiness to assist others with additional office processes makes her a very welcome team player! Thank you, Connie, for performing your various tasks as unto the Lord!

Jessica Pantana

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Success Coach

Jessica excels at connecting with and encouraging the students she has been paired with to mentor. Jessica’s positive and encouraging personality has made her a perfect fit for her role. LUO Student Advocate leadership has received numerous emails from students Jessica is working with whom have praised her helpfulness. Her assistance has not only aided students in improving their academic performance, but has also helped them overcome some personal struggles as well. The students Jessica works with appreciate her sincerity and genuine desire to help them succeed. Through her efforts, they are encouraged to see beyond their current circumstances and make strides in the pursuit of their degree.