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Top Employees of April 2015

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Barry Armstrong

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: General Manager

Barry Armstrong came out of retirement in August 2014 to take on the challenge of reformatting and rebranding Victory FM to The Journey. With his 30 plus years of experience he was the perfect choice for the challenge to honor our 30 year legacy and help reach future generations in new and creative ways. His vision and leadership are a great asset and blessing to the station, staff and university.

Ben Bailey

Dept: Registrar
Title: Academic Progress Analyst

Ben Bailey is a key member of our analyst team. He has a gift for attention to detail, and has a Christ-like attitude. Ben handles various tasks that are vital to our department and he is always willing to handle any special projects; and go above and beyond. No matter how challenging the situation is, Ben has such a great sense of discernment and is able to navigate through complicated issues. Ben has quickly excelled in our department and has gained a reputation in other departments as being extremely accurate, pleasant, and professional to work with. As a colleague from another department has expressed- when they see Ben’s user name as having processed a student, they are sure that it is 100% accurate. He takes his responsibilities

Heather Brown

Dept: Academics
Title: Event Coordinator - Career Center

Heather has been with the Career Center for two years and is the Events Coordinator for the department. Heather’s professionalism and dedication is reflected in the 26 major-specific career fairs and over 30 employer information sessions held in the past two years. It takes time, planning, and good old fashioned hard work to put the events on in the fashion that Heather does. Employers are consistently commenting on how wonderful and professional Liberty University conducts its events, and this is a testament to Heather. Ultimately, she does whatever it takes to support the mission of the Career Center and University. She is the complete professional and a testimony to the faith. We are blessed to have her here!

Tyler Harris

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Analyst, Accounts Payable

Tyler joined Accounts Payable after his graduation from Liberty in the summer of 2010 and has been a consistently strong performer in all aspects of his duties. In 2011 he was selected as an AP Analyst, which involves in-depth data analysis, problem solving, and coordination with both AP and other University staff members. Tyler has been a key player in recent AP initiatives, requiring extensive interaction with banking and software support representatives. Tyler is married to the former Mandi Sommers, and they are active in Bedrock Community Church.

Beth Laughlin

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Manager Software Engineer

Beth is a Program Manager in IT Development. Beth has a willingness to go above and beyond her job duties with a positive and eager attitude. Beth’s positive energy is contagious and creates a friendly and enjoyable work place. Beth’s character and strong work ethic are huge assets to the IT software application team.

Tasha Panasci

Dept: Development
Title: Data Information Specialist

Tasha serves in the Development Call Center as our Data Information Specialist. She started as a Student Worker while attending Liberty for her undergrad degree. Tasha relocated across country when her husband Paul came home from overseas. This past year they decided to move back to Lynchburg and Tasha rejoined our staff. She is a great asset to our office helping with day to day processes. From completing her daily tasks to helping with special projects Tasha excels at all she does. She truly exemplifies the phrase “team player” always willing to help out however she can. We truly enjoy having Tasha in our department and appreciate her remarkable work ethic.