Top Employees of June 2016

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Mark Edwards

Dept: Journey
Title: Production Director at the Journey Radio Network

Mark Edwards’ family moved to Lynchburg when Mark’s father, Jerry Edwards, became general manager of WRVL. Now Mark is the production director at Journey FM. He is responsible for executing the overall on-air imaging of the station and creates the content you hear between songs: promos, event spots, and the listener stories. Not only is he a production genius, he has a consistently positive attitude and goes the extra mile to serve the Journey FM listeners.

Gabrielle Glass

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: University Head Cashier

Gabrielle has been a member of Finance and Administration’s cashiering and treasury services team for two years. She began as a cashier and quickly moved into a supervisory role. In this position, she demonstrates professionalism, grace, and a strong work ethic. Gabrielle exemplifies excellence in all she does and goes beyond her assignments, maintaining a positive attitude even on the busiest days. She is trustworthy, dependable, hardworking, conscientious, and always ready to serve others’ needs. We are thankful to have Gabrielle as part of our leadership team and value her contribution to this department and the university.

Ronda Heerspink

Dept: Academics
Title: Executive Director of Faculty Support

Ronda Heerspink has been affiliated with Liberty for over 30 years and has been with the School of Education since 1998, holding many positions in that time. As executive director of faculty support, Rhonda’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to service are indispensable, and her institutional knowledge is invaluable.

Nate Johnson

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Hardscapes/Softscapes Supervisor

A Liberty alumnus originally from Minnesota, Nate is a hardworking, dedicated employee whom you usually see covered in Virginia clay. He comes from a background of moving large, mature trees into commercial and residential developments, as well as contract work. He brings a fun, can-do spirit to Planning & Construction, and we appreciate his hard work. Congratulations, Nate. Thanks for always giving it your all!

Luke Levesque

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Business Data Analyst III

Luke has been the lead for the ADS LMS team since it was established, and he has always been a perfect fit. Luke constantly strives for the best in his own work as well as that of his colleagues. He is a creative problem-solver, always finding solutions to new obstacles. He’s a great teacher, solid team member, and a servant in all things.

Claudia Puckette

Dept: Academics
Title: Administrative Assistant

Claudia joined Liberty University as an administrative assistant in 2013. Claudia is an extremely hardworking and dedicated member of the Department of Health Professions and approaches all tasks with a servant’s heart. In addition to her work at the university, Claudia participates in community service, including a position on the town council of Appomattox.

Josh Rotruck

Dept: Registrar
Title: LUO Undergraduate Academic Evaluator

Joshua Rotruck is a seasoned LUO UG academic evaluator in the Registrar’s Office. He has a kind heart and is understanding and polite. Consistency and trustworthiness are two of his best qualities. Josh’s professionalism and accuracy in communicating often lead to thank-you letters from students. In addition to his diligence in his own job, he is always willing to take on extra work and help others. He is appreciated by the entire Registrar’s Office.

Chris Thompson

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Product Manager-Student Life

As a project manager for IT Development for the past three years, Chris Thompson has led his team in the development of key software applications that support students, faculty, and staff. They also support the Beacon application used by multiple university departments. Chris always embraces new initiatives on behalf of his team and the university. Thanks, Chris!