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Top Employees of January 2015

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Katie Adams

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Financial Aid Call Center Coordinator

Katie Adams has been a part of the Financial Aid Call Center since 2011. In her time here, Katie has set herself apart in both work ethic and attitude. She works hard to not only ensure that agents receive the information and assistance that they need to help our students, but she also works to build good relationships with her team. Both the FACC management team and Katie’s team of agents value her and what she brings to the call center. Her fun and vibrant personality always brighten the call center atmosphere.

Bobby Brown

Dept: Development
Title: Alumni Relations Officer

Working with Bobby Brown is a pleasure for all who have the opportunity to do so. The enthusiasm and joy he brings to the Alumni Relations Office is contagious. As he has managed the Alumni Football Tailgates and re-invented the Student Engagement program, his strong work-ethic has shown through. Throughout his day, Bobby is consistently encouraging those around him, while looking to build meaningful relationships and point others to Christ. This attitude, as well as his can-do mentality and his flexibility have made Bobby the go-to guy for a variety of tasks and the well-deserved choice for our January Employee of the Month.

Cherie Ely

Dept: Academics
Title: Executive Assistant

Cherie Ely has been employed at Liberty University since 2007, joining the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) in 2011 as an administrative assistant. She immediately proved to be an incredibly valuable asset! Cherie handles reception duties, schedules meetings, maintains office records, manages the office budget, assists with research activities, and handles a myriad of other IE duties. Cherie’s calm disposition and cheerful manner sets the tone for the entire office, and she always greets visitors with a smile and true hospitality. In spring 2013, she was promoted to the position of executive assistant. Cherie truly follows the admonition in 1 Corinthians to do all things for the glory of God.

Kris Falwell

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Postal Specialist II

Kris Falwell has been an important part of Postal Services at Liberty University for over seven years. She goes above and beyond to help out the students, staff, and faculty on a daily basis. She has developed a wonderful rapport with her customers and plays an important part in mentoring and training new staff. The Liberty Post Office is blessed to have her on our team.

Chris Glick

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Professional Team Lead Storage, Systems Admin

Chris Glick has worked at Liberty University for the past four years. He has always exhibited tremendous leadership skills in his role with Systems Administration, coordinating with internal and external resources to get the job done quickly and effectively. During the recent system outage, Chris worked diligently to solve the problem. He remained calm under significant pressure and worked for two days straight to repair the university’s system. We appreciate Chris and are grateful for his years of service at Liberty.

Carmolee Hager

Dept: Academics
Title: Gate 3 Coordinator

Carmolee Hager currently serves in the School of Education as the Gate 3 coordinator, but she has also worked in various roles in the External Field Experience Office. Carmolee has a warm, humble spirit and a servant’s heart. She is always ready to jump in and lend a helping hand when needed. Carmolee’s position as Gate 3 coordinator requires much skill and organizational abilities. In this role, she oversees the placement of hundreds of candidates for student teaching and internship positions in schools around the world! We are proud to highlight Carmolee’s dedication and hard work in the School of Education.

Monica Hardin

Dept: Academics
Title: Chair, College of General Studies (and now Associate Professor of History—just promoted!)

Since 2009, Dr. Monica Hardin has served in the College of General Studies as a faculty member, instructional mentor, and department chair, now overseeing history and geography course for Liberty University Online. Monica brings a creative and innovative spirit to every task she undertakes. Monica is always seeking to improve her performance, enhance the courses under her purview, and implement initiatives and solutions that impact student success. Liked and respected by her peers, she is a true blessing to the College of General Studies.

Jill Lipscomb

Dept: Registrar
Title: Director of Degree Audit

Jill Lipscomb is the director of degree audit within the Registrar’s Office. Jill has the responsibility of managing the degree completion plan audit team. She works hard to improve team processes, enhance the degree completion plan audit, and develop relationships with other departments. She constantly goes above and beyond her job duties by seeking out work that needs to be done and providing solutions to issues that arise. Her dedication to her job has made her an integral part of the Registrar’s Office and the university as a whole. It is our privilege to have her in our office.

Kevin Martin

Dept: Academics
Title: Flight Simulator Program Manager

Kevin Martin manages the School of Aeronautics flight simulator program. The flight simulators are utilized by almost 300 students in active flight training. Kevin led the effort to upgrade the Frasca C172 flight simulators to level five flight training devices and to obtain FAA certification as part of the National Simulator Program. This certification is held by only six other universities, and the FAA inspectors commented that his program was very commendable. Kevin works tirelessly to provide students with the best educational and training environment possible, while admirably managing school resources.

Walcene Metayer

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Video Production Specialist

Walcene Metayer is no stranger to the Marketing Department, having served as a student worker prior to joining our full-time video staff earlier this summer. He approaches each project with positivity, creativity, and vision. His recent work includes leading the team in directing this year's promotional video for Scaremare, traveling with the marching band to Atlanta, creating national television spots for Liberty University Online, and a variety of other projects highlighting Liberty athletics, schools, and departments. His work ethic is greatly appreciated, and his professionalism both on and off set is exemplary.

Vickie Pettus

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Supervisor, Accounts Payable

Vickie continues to excel in her service to the University as the Accounts Payable Supervisor, most recently coordinating concurrent systems upgrades and improvements as well as filling in for other key AP personnel on medical leave. Vickie consistently maintains a high level of professionalism and performance within the department, and has regularly demonstrated an ability to balance time and resources to meet both routine requirements and emergent priorities. Her service, attitude, Christian spirit, and commitment to excellence are all greatly appreciated.

Keith Waller

Dept: Field Operations
Title: 3rd shift Facilities Crew LeaderLeader

Keith Waller has been with the Facilities Department for almost four years. He is a very hard worker, and he has a special eye for detail. Keith has worked all across campus, but he is now primarily based in Green Hall where he is a crew Leader, overseeing the third shift housekeepers. Keith is one of the friendliest employees you will ever meet. He always greets you with a warm smile, a firm handshake, and words of encouragement. Staff and students often go out of their way to say hello to him.