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Top Employees of September 2014

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Patrick Atkins

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Promotional Writer

Patrick Atkins serves as the writer for the Resident Enrollment team. He takes his craft very seriously, continuously researching the best ways to deliver impactful messages to prospective students regarding the value of a Liberty education. He incorporates client feedback well, engages with the quality control team to ensure a high degree of excellence and encourages his team members with the consistency of his work. His humor, positive attitude and diligence are a blessing to our office.

Santria Brown

Dept: Academics
Title: Secretary, School of Engineering Admin.

Santria has become the face of the new School of Engineering and Computational Sciences here at Liberty University. She is the first person our students and the public sees when they enter the school. Her welcoming smile and perpetual enthusiasm sets the bar high for the rest of the faculty and staff. Her most vital contribution this fall is as a traffic cop for all students seeking their way around a completely refurbished third floor of DeMoss. Whatever she is doing for us, Santria is always a shining star in SECS. Whether she is serving our faculty and staff, our nearly 600 students, visitors or any person seeking their way through the mazes of DeMoss, Santria is a lighthouse to us all.

Steven Calkins

Dept: Academics
Title: Instructor - SOA/AMTS

Steven Calkins is one of the newer members of the Aviation Maintenance Technician School instruction staff, joining the team in July 2013. His heart for our students’ spiritual, technical, and personal growth is immediately apparent to all. Steve brings valuable experience from a career in the airline industry making him a perfect fit to our instructor team. As the lead-off instructor for new classes, he starts them on their education journey, and he encourages and guides them during their initial period with us. As a husband and father of six children, he is also involved with the TRBC men’s ministry. Steve’s work ethic, knowledge and spiritual strength make him a very valuable employee and a pleasure to be with.

Tammy Gilbert

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Buyer

Tammy Gilbert has worked for Liberty University for two years and has become an integral part of the Procurement Department. She is self-motivated, proactive and efficiently executes every task she is assigned. She has demonstrated leadership and loyalty to the department and a dedication to those serviced by our staff. She is always ready and willing to assist end users with any need they may have. She is frequently called on to help accomplish tasks in others’ absence, and she takes on such tasks with a willing and cheerful spirit, reflecting her faith as well as her personal dedication to the mission of our department and the University.

Jessica Graham

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Assistant Director of Housing: Assignments

Jessica "Jess" Graham currently serves as the Assistant Director of Housing for Assignments. She is an essential part of the process, procedure, and planning that goes into making sure that every student is "tailor fit" to their preference of accommodation. Jess brings a "can-do-it" mentality to everything that she is part of and commonly seeks to lead others towards not only bettering specific processes, but also themselves. Her upbeat spirit, logical thought process, and genuine nature are only a few of the positive qualities that make her such a great person and esteemed colleague. We are proud to be able to work alongside an individual that seeks to make a difference in everything that she does. Congratulations Jess!

Luann Hodges

Dept: Academics
Title: Receptionist, College of General Studies

Recognized for her initiative, cheerful attitude, and helpful approach to everyone, Luann Hodges remains an invaluable resource to our team. The leadership team of CGS often gives her projects to complete with broad directions, and she performs flawlessly every time. Because of her excellence, she has been given increasing responsibilities, all of which she accepts and excels at accomplishing. She is also extraordinary in her help to students who visit the office for assistance, always projecting to visitors the finest of customer-centered service. She epitomizes the motto “You Matter” to everyone who walks through the CGS doors, and the College of General Studies is better because of Luann Hodges.

Matthew Homan

Dept: Registrar
Title: LUO UG Academic Evaluator

Matthew Homan has served in the Registrar’s Office as an Academic Evaluator for LUO Undergraduate for the past two years. His desire to lead and excel in his position is apparent with his clear communication, helping attitude, and determination to provide accurate and detailed information to students. He plays a vital role at Liberty, as he delineates student degree requirements and holds the honor of awarding their degrees upon successful completion of meeting the requirements. His Christ-like service is evident in the way he cares for the staff, his team members, and students. Matthew’s patience, humor, and consideration for everyone he comes in contact with makes him a joy to work with here in the Registrar’s Office.

Rachel Myers

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Coordinator of Financial Aid Communications

Rachel Myers facilitates all communications for the Financial Aid Office. She coordinates 88 different communication plans including web resources and financial aid policies. She handles one of the top compliance issues which is the proper disclosure of thousands of pages of student consumer information under various agency regulations. Employees turn to her for expert-level knowledge on financial aid eligibility policies. Beyond information, Rachel acts as the connection from the Financial Aid Office to many other departments. She is a dynamic, bright, and positive source of guidance for Liberty staff.