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Top Employees of August 2014

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Joshua Acord

Dept: Registrar
Title: S.O.C. Coordinator for Military Evaluations

Joshua Acord is a valuable member of the Transfer Evaluations Online and Graduate team in the Registrar’s Office. Since he joined our team in 2012, he has served in multiple roles and now works as a S.O.C. Coordinator in Military Evaluations. Joshua's main responsibility is to generate military degree plans for our active duty, Reserve, and National Guard students. He treats every student with care and attention that honors their service to our country. Joshua always cheerfully takes on special projects, and his servant heart is evident in his willingness to help his team members whenever needed. Joshua is an important member of our team and we are so glad to have him!

Joleen Booth

Dept: School of Law
Title: Associate Director of Admissions

Joleen Booth joined Liberty University School of Law in 2006 after graduating from Liberty University. Initially working in the Admissions Department, she was promoted to associate director of admissions in 2013. Joleen has been involved in every aspect of admissions, and whether she is on the road at a college campus, graduate job fair, talking to or meeting with prospective students, she is a great ambassador for Liberty Law and its mission. In addition to her professional skills and dedication to the law school, Joleen is an example of Christ in all of her interactions and especially in caring for her precious daughter, who has special needs. Joleen inspires everyone who has the pleasure of working with her.

John Markides

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Acceptance & Registration Manager

John Markides has been a part of the LUO Admissions Division since 2011. John is a valued team member who demonstrates excellence in his work. He is detailed and responsible, always working to ensure that admissions policies are being upheld. John has developed and maintained relationships with various departments across the university, so that we can provide excellent service to our students as a university. John’s work ethic, passion, and character demonstrate a sincere commitment to the mission of the university. We are thankful John is a part of Admissions and Liberty University Online!

Scott Sandidge

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Senior Accountant

Scott has been with Liberty University for five years, serving with distinction in the Accounting Department. Scott’s positive attitude, experience, skills, and knowledge make him a valuable asset to the department and to the university. He is always willing to go above and beyond for his colleagues, the department, and the university. While he specializes in the investments area, Scott’s extensive accounting knowledge is well-used on the many special projects to which he is assigned. He is a vital part of the team, currently developing a new investment process for the university. Scott and his wife Cindy have three children, Emma, Ryan, and Claire, and are members of Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Jessica Scott

Dept: Field Operations
Title: 3rd shift housekeeper

Jessica Scott has been with the facilities department for about a year. She is a hardworking, detail-oriented individual with a wonderful can-do attitude. Jessica works primarily in the Jason Brown Sports Complex, but at a moment’s notice she will happily fill in wherever she is needed. Jessica has been attending Liberty University as both a residential and online student for the last four years, pursuing a career as a medical office assistant with the aspiration of earning her master's degree in Psychology. She has been with the Liberty Marching Band for four years and has sat as the co-chair on Relay for Life for three years. Employee of the Month Bios – August 2014 Round 2

Brent Washburn

Dept: Snowflex
Title: Assistant Manager Head of Operations

Brent Washburn has been a part of the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre for almost five years and is a former member of the Liberty Ski & Snowboard club team. He started out as a student worker and has worked his way up to assistant manager and head of operations. Brent has also taken on responsibilities outside of his normal duties such as the director for Trails 2 Rails, Next Level Summer Camps, social media, and the assistant ski and snowboard coach for the club team. He has played a vital role in the success of the Snowflex among the student body and the general public, at both the local and global level. He has a strong passion for the action sports industry and most importantly, for sharing the gospel.