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Top Employees of February 2015

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Jill Acosta

Dept: Academics
Title: Executive Assistant

Jill Acosta helped create the Zaki Gordon, Cinematic Arts Center in 2011. She envisioned and organized the administration with dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm. Jill is a one woman show — facilitating, scheduling, managing, and assisting with all processes and procedures. Trusted by students, faculty, and her coworkers, Jill is an incredible asset to our program. Jill’s work extends beyond the office to include movie locations, where she functions as production manager, and she plays host to Hollywood guests at our annual film festival. Jill consistently exceeds expectations. She has a servant’s heart and is a role model for both students and staff.

Steve Chamberlin

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Associate Director, Intramural Sports

Steve started working in the intramural Sports Department as a student in the fall of 1996 as a referee. In 2001, he took on additional roles, including scheduling games and training new referees. By 2004, Steve became the associate director and has been an integral part of the development and expansion of the Sports Department. Steve tackles many tasks in his role, including scheduling about 4,500 games a year in the 20 different sports offered to the students, faculty, and staff of Liberty University. We are extremely grateful for Steve’s professionalism and dedication to the Liberty community.

Mary Deacon

Dept: Academics
Title: Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program

Dr. Mary Deacon has worked tirelessly to prepare our department for an accreditation visit while maintaining her normal faculty duties in the Center for Counseling. She has shown a very high level of commitment to our department and to the student body in her work with the administration and our future accrediting body. Her efforts with the students, implementing complex program transitions, as well as her work with the faculty and administration during this multi-year process has required many overtime hours and long nights. She has done this with a sense of vision and dedication that is an inspiration to watch. Dr. Deacon is a great example of someone who has dedicated her life to developing Champions for Christ.

Mike Floyd

Dept: Academics
Title: Chair

Mike Floyd joined the School of Business in May 2014 and quickly became a valuable member of our team. Mike brings years of experience in various roles at Liberty University, as well as a God-given ability to build and maintain relationships. A large portion of Mike’s responsibilities require him to find effective solutions to student concerns in a manner that is gracious and compassionate. Mike provides invaluable input on resolving student issues quickly, empowering our team to remain focused on providing students with a gold-standard education. We are so thankful to have Mike on the team.

Danielle Jacobs

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Embedded Representative, Student Accounts

Danielle has worked in Student Accounts for more than two years, serving in multiple areas across the department. Danielle’s positive and enthusiastic attitude is contagious. She consistently provides exemplary service to students and staff members and is committed to completing her work with excellence. She is a quick learner, and her knowledge made her a great candidate to help develop training materials for the department. Danielle is currently serving as an embedded representative at the School of Aeronautics and has proven a valuable asset to their team as well. Danielle is a joy to work with, and we are grateful for her service to Liberty University!

Stephanie Janusz

Dept: Registrar
Title: LUO Undergraduate Academic Evaluator

Stephanie Janusz serves as an academic evaluator for Liberty University Online Undergraduate Students. Her positive attitude and willingness to serve her students and coworkers is evident in her efficient and accurate completion of tasks each day. Stephanie is a great team player. She is reliable, hard-working, and whether communicating with her students, helping out with a project, preparing for deadlines, or processing tasks efficiently, she pursues excellence in everything she does. We love having Stephanie as part of the Registrar’s Office and appreciate her strong work ethic and servant’s heart.

Jared Lilly

Dept: Information Technology
Title: RCDD Engineer

Jared Lilly is a very valuable employee to the IT Operations department, he has been with the department for years. Jared consistently delivers exceptional results for all tasks requested of him with an outstanding attitude. Jared ensures his costumers are happy with the end product before leaving the job site. He is a great mentor for his apprentices and does so with a faithful heart and servant attitude.

Victoria Mininger

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Online Communities Blogger

Victoria Mininger is the Online Communities blogger. She is a devoted team player and enjoys writing two blogs each week for our online student population. She brings significant writing experience to her job and efficiently balances her workload each day. Victoria's favorite verse is 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline."

Ericka Morris

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Senior Event Coordinator

Ericka is an important part of our success for events on campus. She currently coordinates College For A Weekend, helps supervise day events, and supports our Winterfest initiative. She has a strong work ethic and is incredibly creative and organized. Many of her ideas have become integral parts of some of our most popular events. Her love for Liberty and commitment to executing a great event makes her an incredibly valuable asset to our team and the university.

Luis Nodal

Dept: Academics
Title: Administrative Assistant

Since joining the School of Religion, Luis Nodal has had a tremendous impact on our school, both professionally and spiritually. Not only is his drive and work ethic evident each day at work, but his generosity and exceptional attitude is contagious. In the midst of his busy workdays, Luis always finds opportunities to minister to others. He is a great example of authentic and engaging Christianity, and we are very proud to have him on staff.

John Peterson

Dept: Human Resources
Title: HR Safety Program Manager

John Peterson received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from Liberty University, and he is currently working on Doctorate of Education at Dallas Theological Seminary. John is married with five children, and he serves as director of youth and children's ministries at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He has worked in Human Resources for more than seven years, and we are extremely grateful to have him on our team.

Gloria Sandidge

Dept: Field Operations
Title: Housekeeping Supervisor

Gloria has been a faithful part of the Liberty University family since 2001. As housekeeping supervisor at the Hancock Welcome Center, Gloria consistently represents the mission and vision of Liberty through her dedication and integrity. Gloria always comes in early to ensure that the facility is at its finest on a daily basis. Her character, strong work ethic, and love for the Lord shines through in all she does. Gloria's pursuit of excellence and pride in her work makes her a great asset to the facilities department at Liberty University.

Kimberly Smith

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Project Coordinator

The Marketing Department is extremely blessed to have Kim Smith as part of our office. Kim is a joy to work with and her industrious spirit and gracious attitude are a daily encouragement to her peers. Kim has been instrumental in multiple high-profile projects for the university, including the recent launch of the Journey FM radio station. Kim continuously gives 110% in all she does, often coming in early and staying late just to ensure that the job is done to the highest caliber. She has a wonderfully teachable nature and quickly becomes an expert in each task she takes on. We are thankful for Kim and all that she adds to our department!