Faculty/Staff Email Signature Policy


On Macs it will be in the Applications folder (you should also see it on your desktop) and on PCs it will be in the Start Menu. Run the application and type in your information (graduation year is optional but encouraged if you are a Liberty alumnus). On PCs, the application will delete all current signatures in Outlook. On Macs, please manually delete any other email signatures you are using for work-related purposes. Thank you for your cooperation as we reflect Liberty's branding in a cleaner and more refreshing way. For more information on the email signature, please see the Email Signature Guide.


Watch tutorial videos for your Windows or Mac computer and see how to update your email signature.

  • Please be sure you read this entire page, the Email Signature Guide and the IT HelpDesk article before emailing for further help.
  • If you are having technical problems that have not already been answered in the links directly above, please submit an IT HelpDesk ticket to have your problem solved.
  • If you need clarification on the email signature policy or have further questions regarding the policy, please feel free to email marketing@liberty.edu.

Official University Email Signature

  • Below is an example of what your email signature will look like after successfully running the Liberty University Signature Maker application.


Webmail Email Signature

  • The Official Liberty Email Signature above is ALWAYS preferred. However, the style below is specifically designed for use in email and webmail applications that do not support an image in the signature area of your email.  
  • Please note, on some computers you may see "LIBERTY UNIVERSITY" instead of the graphic Liberty University wordmark. That is also a correct signature.

Athletics Email Signature

  • Upon approval of the Athletics Director or Assistant AD, Athletics departments may use the following email signature.

Additional notes

  • As reference, the signature formatting uses the Liberty blue & red standard colors. The font above the wordmark is Verdana, while the font below the wordmark is Georgia. Text should be bold or italic style where is noted in the example above. Do not alter the formatting or spacing after using the application.
  • This email signature has been approved for all faculty & staff to use and should not include any additions. Additions not approved include and are not limited to webpage links, social media links, mailing address, email address, verse, department tagline, office hours, etc. For any clarification, please email marketing@liberty.edu.
  • All work-related email messages should include no backgrounds or email templates. Your email body text should be the default setting or a similarly legible font. With the advent of mobile devices, small screens and emails being one of the university's main ways of communication, it is imperative that all email communication is visually professional, monochromatic and clear.
  • The email signature may look smaller or larger on different screen resolutions. The size that has been selected for the email signature is to be the most compatible with a wide variety of screen resolutions. Please keep that in mind if the email signature appears too large or small on your computer.


  • If the “Liberty University Signature” application does not appear on your computer or is not working correctly, then please follow this link and manually copy and paste the signature into your email client, replacing the text with your appropriate information. 
  • If running Mac OS X 10.5, the application will not appear on your Mac. You may download the application manually by following this link. Please note that if you are running Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier, you must use the method above and manually copy and paste the signature. If you are having trouble downloading the application, right click the link & choose "Save file as..." (or similar, depending on your browser)