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Dwayne Carson, a campus pastor and the director of the Office of Student Leadership at Liberty University, spoke in Monday’s convocation on the need for prayer. “I believe in the power of prayer because I believe in a living God who says casts your burdens on me,” he said.
Dominique McKay
Popular youth evangelist and musician Clayton King was the guest speaker for Liberty University’s Spiritual Emphasis Week. He spoke in Wednesday and Friday convocations.
Dominique McKay
Monday’s convocation message focused on the importance of imitating God. Guest speaker Jim Cymbala drew inspiration for his message from Ephesians 5:1.
Sarah Funderburke
Charles Lowery, a psychiatrist-turned–motivational speaker, delivered the message at Friday’s convocation. As a self-billed “power communicator,” Lowery’s clients have included AT&T, Jenny Craig Systems, State Farm Insurance Company and more.
University Advancement staff
Liberty University’s co-founder and Dean of the School of Religion Dr. Elmer Towns opened the first convocation of the semester with a message to students on finding a personal dream and vision. “Some of the greatest spiritual leaders have been motivated by a great vision,” he said.
Dominique McKay
Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and vice president for spiritual affairs at Liberty University, spoke at Wednesday’s convocation on how to obtain greatness. In order to achieve greatness, he said, students must understand what greatness is not.
Dominique McKay
“Every time he has spoken he’s added value to my life,” coach Ritchie McKay said as he introduced Brett Fuller as Monday’s convocation speaker. “This is a man that has truly walked the talk.” Fuller, senior pastor of Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, Va., and former Washington Redskins co-chaplain, spoke about the importance of discipleship and going where God leads...
Eric Brown
Popular author and Pastor Gary Chapman spoke at Wednesday’s convocation service. Chapman, best known for his book “The Five Love Languages,” spoke about his most recently published book, “Love as a Way of Life,” which he began writing after an experience on an airplane left him wondering why some individuals are “lovers” and others are not.
Sarah Funderburke
In the midst of troubling economic times worldwide, Dr. Ronnie Floyd posed a question for students to ask themselves during Monday’s convocation: “As a Christ follower, is my future any more promising?”
Eric Brown
Liberty University welcomed more than 1,600 high school students to College For A Weekend (CFAW) at Friday convocation in the Vines Center. Vice Chancellor Dr. Ron Godwin said the students exploring LU this weekend are the largest CFAW crowd yet.
Sarah Funderburke
Sam Moore, former CEO and President of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Inc., was the special guest at Wednesday convocation. Under Moore’s leadership in the 1970s and 80s, Thomas Nelson became the world’s largest Bible and Christian book publisher. It developed the New King James Bible in 1976.
Mitzi Bible
Liberty University is known for wrapping itself in the American flag, paying high tribute to soldiers who have fought and died to defend freedom — and that’s especially true during Military Appreciation Week.
Teresa Dunham
Vance Pitman, pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nev., spoke at Liberty University’s convocation on Friday with a message calling students to help build the kingdom of God in America. “One day Jesus Christ will return and he is building a kingdom,” Pitman said.
Dominique McKay
Liberty alumnus Jamie George spoke about humility in answering God’s call to serve others during Wednesday’s convocation. George, now lead pastor of The Journey Church in Nashville, Tenn., described how God used him as he began his first church. “I don’t know why God chooses to use me, but I’m grateful that he does,” he said.
Dominique McKay
Dr. John Trent, founder of, spoke during Monday’s convocation, emphasizing the importance of personal strengths. Citing 1 Corinthians 12:14-18, the best-selling author noted the uniqueness of each individual within a group.
Eric Brown
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