The members of the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet collectively have over 100 years of experience traveling and singing Gospel Music. These men have dedicated their lives to ministering through music. Their goal is to promote good Christian entertainment while giving God the glory and giving people the opportunity to accept Christ. The talent and experience these men possess is rarely seen in such a young group.
Jerry Pilgrim, bass singer for the group, was raised along with one sister on a farm near Stigler, Oklahoma where his parents still reside. He began singing in church as a child and always believed God's purpose and calling for him was to sing. Jerry has sung with many local and national groups, including the Masterpeace Quartet of Missouri, the Harbingers Quartet and The Homesteaders of Oklahoma, and Safely Anchored based in Texas. He holds a bachelor's degree in Theology and was involved in church ministry for over 20 years. Jerry and his wife Sam (Cindy) are proud to be the parents of five grown children and four grandchildren, and they love to spend time with family - "rare times because of distance". Jerry joined The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet on the stage of the National Quartet Convention in September 2005 and officially joined the quartet in October of that same year.
Ron Grimes was raised in eastern North Carolina. Ron attributes his passion for gospel music to his large, talented family. At age 12, an uncle taught him to sing harmony. While adulthood took him into the telecommunications industry, the love of music was always close to his heart. He continued singing and filling resposibilities in church music programs and with groups such as The Revelators, The Laymen and Movin' Up. Ron is humbled to sing baritone with The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet and looks forward to the legacy the group can leave to a new generation. When not traveling, Ron enjoys sports and spending time with his wife Rhonda.
Wyatt Wilson, lead singer for the Quartet has been singing since he was a child. Starting in a family group, he learned to cherish the local church ministry. Although a very talented singer, his love for people and compassion for the lost soul far exceeds his ability to sing. While at the Steve Hurst School of Music, he received the "Touched our Life", and the Eagle Award". These awards are given to the person who had the most spiritual effect on the staff and student body. His compassion is now being shown as he heads the Quartet's charity association with the Liberty Godparent Home, a home that gives young girls the choice of Life for their unborn children.
Tony Jarman has been recognized to have one of the most unique and premier tenor voices in Southern Gospel Music. He has been involved in singing gospel music since his childhood. He started his professional career in November of 1994, singing with Phil Cross and Poet Voices. In May of 1997 Tony took a hiatus from the gospel music scene. Returning in October of 2000, he sang tenor with Legacy Five until February of 2004. During this seven-year period he was blessed to receive and be a part of numerous honors, including many #1 songs, Song of the Year, Top 5 nominee for Tenor in 2003, etc. He is "very thankful and humbled by the success that God has allowed him to be a part of." He has also been involved in many of the Gaither Videos and in numerous vocal studio sessions. In May of 2004, he decided to pursue a Solo career, and in July of 2005 Tony was contacted by The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet and offered the Tenor position with the group. After months of prayer, Tony accepted the position and made it official in September of 2005, at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Tony is proud to be a part of The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet, which is also involved in the ministries of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell at The Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. Tony is excited about the future and what great things God has planned for him on this new journey.