CSER Registration and Drop Instructions

It is quick and easy to complete your Christian Service through the CSER Dashboard.  Follow these steps to register or drop a CSER.

Register for CSER

Choose an organization to serve your CSER through
If you have not yet found a CSER service opportunity, visit our Service Opportunities Page to find frequently visited CSER locations and CSER partners who are looking for volunteers right now.  

Secure a CSER Supervisor
Make sure that you have found a CSER supervisor at your service location who can verify your service hours and provide you with an evaluation.  You will need a confirmed supervisor before you register for CSER.

Double CSER
You can request double CSER, after you serve your hours, if you are trying to catch up on service hours or if you want to work ahead. You will indicate that your CSER is a double when you log your hours and complete your student reflection.  As long as your service location and opportunity is approved by LU Serve, you may serve up to 40 hours with one organization during one CSER term.

279-001 Church Extensions and 399-001 Special Projects
If you choose a 279-001 Church Extension or 399-001 Special Projects CSER service opportunity, you will also need to specify a host church or organization when you go to register.  Please search log in to the CSER dashboard, select the appropriate course code, and use the search bar to search for your church to find out if this location has already been vetted by the LU Serve office.  It is not in our system, it will need to be vetted.  Confirm your registration with LU Serve for new locations prior to serving.

Register for a CSER
Log into the CSER Dashboard
Click on "Register for CSER"
Select the CSER term that the service hours will be performed
Select the course code for your CSER opportunity
Select your supervisor and verify you have contacted them prior to your registration
Submit your CSER for approval from your supervisor and the LU Serve office

For 279-001's and 399-001's, search the database for an existing listing
If your location exists, select it then select your supervisor from the drop down menu.  If your supervisor is not in the system, select "Not Listed" and enter their information in. Submit your registration for approval from your supervisor and the LU Serve Office.

If your location does not exist, select "Can't find the organization?" and enter in your organization and supervisor.  Confirm you have contacted your supervisor and submit your registration for approval from your supervisor and the LU Serve Office.  New organizations must be vetted, so please wait for confirmation your registration has been approved.

Drop a CSER

Log into the CSER Dashboard
Click on "View Past CSER"
Find the CSER to drop, and in the bottom left of the box select "Drop Registration"

When you submit your drop application you will receive a confirmation code and email.  Your supervisor must approve the drop, and if they approve it then it will be removed from your course schedule.

Still have questions?

Send us an email or call us at (434) 582-2325 and we will be happy to assist you.