Jerry Falwell on Christian/Community Service

When asked "Why does Liberty University require Christian/Community Service?" President Falwell commented as follows:


Chancellor and President Jerry Falwell, Jr.

“The mission here has always been to train young Champions for Christ whose main calling is to serve Christ and their fellow man. The core of Christianity is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. So that’s what we try to teach through the Christian/Community Service program here at Liberty; to love your neighbor by serving your neighbor. It’s so important for these students to learn to give back and serve others like Jesus did. Jesus was a servant leader, and what we try to teach through this program is servant leadership.”


Jerry Falwell

President, Liberty University


Dr. Jerry Falwell on Christian/Community Service 

When asked "Why does Liberty University require Christian/Community Service?" Dr. Falwell commented as follows:

Jerry Falwell, Sr.

"We at Liberty University require Christian/Community Service so that our young people get an action-oriented curriculum. When you go to a Christian university you need not only to learn the information in the class room, but you need to take it out to the people; out to the neighborhoods and the communities; the hospitals and homes. Christian Service for us is a part of the Liberty curriculum; a part of the action-oriented curriculum, and it shall ever be a part of Liberty."

Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University
May 1, 2002