Liberty Online Academy Satellite Schools


Christian School Alternative

The challenge for many Christian parents is that many communities do not have a Christian school alternative. While some parents choose to homeschool their children, others can’t afford to leave their jobs in order to do so.


As a pastor or church leader you may have always wanted to provide a Christian school alternative to your community, but with the cost of hiring teachers, buying curriculum, providing a library and all the other associated expenses, you have not been able to do so. 


We Have Good News for You -  Now You Can!

By partnering with us, you can provide an opportunity for the parents in your community to enroll their children in a quality, Christ-centered school – and do so right in your own church. 


With your own satellite campus you will be supported by the vast educational resources of Liberty University. The Online Academy provides Christ-centered curriculum, lesson planning, an online library, certified teachers, counselors and a trained staff.


Our goal is to help your church provide a quality Christian education to your congregation and local community without incurring all the costs associated with a traditional Christian school. 


All you need to do is provide the space, an internet connection and adult supervision. Students come to your church with their laptop computer and a packed lunch ready to begin their daily coursework when they log in to Liberty University Online Academy. Some churches have even provided a chapel service for their students.

Think of the blessing your church can be to your congregation and your local community. By partnering with Liberty University, you can begin a Christian school in your church as a satellite campus of the Online Academy.


And, by partnering with us, every student enrolled in Liberty University Online Academy receives a scholarship to attend Liberty University. Every dollar that is spent on tuition in the Online Academy is credited toward tuition as a student enrolled at Liberty University once they graduate. It’s like a guaranteed college savings account!


To learn more about how your church can partner with Liberty University Online Academy, call 1-866-418-8741 or email