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Online High School Resources


Technical Support


Experiencing technical issues with the LUOA curriculum? Please call (877) 251-6662 to speak with a live technician. For issues relating to Financial Check-in or Liberty Username/Password issues, call the Liberty University HelpDesk at (866) 418-8741 (option #6).


IT Purchases


Are you looking to purchase Microsoft Office or a new computer in preparation for the school year? The IT Marketplace offers discounted rates for LUOA students on many hardware and software technologies. Please refer to our System Requirements when purchasing a computer in order to ensure it will meet the needs of our program.


Holiday Schedule


No assignments are scheduled during the following holiday periods:

Labor Day

Thanksgiving week

Christmas week

Easter Monday

Memorial Day

Independence Day


LUOA Grading Scale


A: 93-100    B: 85-92    C: 77-84    D: 70-76    F: below 70

Lessons are weighted in the following manner:
Tests = 35%       Quizzes = 25%       Projects = 10%       Lessons: 30%


Student User Guide


Wikipedia Policy


Because it is the goal and mission of LUOA to provide all students with a quality academic experience, we have determined that Wikipedia is not a viable academic resource for our students. Therefore, Wikipedia is no longer allowed as a source for LUOA high school students.

Please be aware of this new policy as you research information for your papers and projects and make use of other more qualified research tools such as: books. online encyclopedias, collegiate websites, historical or literary websites, or the Liberty University Library.


Honor Code


As a student of Liberty University Online Academy, I pledge to uphold God’s Biblical mandate that my life testimony demonstrate actions of integrity.  In so doing, I will complete all assignments as instructed, without resorting to cheating or plagiarism.   I pledge to turn in my assignments in a timely manner, do my own work, not share my work with others, and treat all students, teachers, and staff with respect.


Firefox Download


Students are encouraged to use the Mozilla Firefox web browser when completing schoolwork, as it is the web browser the curriculum is designed to work best through. Students should ensure they are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.


Flash Installation


Installing Flash for Firefox will allow you to run all resources in the LUOA curriculum.