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Vision Statement

Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) seeks to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ and to develop young men and women who adhere to a Christian worldview and are prepared to participate as godly members of home, church, and society. 

Mission Statement

To work toward our vision, Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) seeks to provide support to parents and guardians in their biblical responsibility to train their children to become Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact the world. 

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe that both the Old Testament and New Testament are the inspired Word of God, revealing the three Persons of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  2. We believe in the incarnation and virgin birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as true God and true man.

  3. We believe that man was created in the image of God, but is separated from God by sin.

  4. We believe that man is redeemed by grace through faith in Christ’s vicarious atonement for sins by the shedding of His blood on the cross.

  5. We believe that the gift of eternal life is available to all men, that those who are regenerated by the Holy Spirit receive Christ by faith and thereby become children of God.

  6. We believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, His imminent return and the resurrection of His people to life everlasting.


The philosophy of LUOA is based on the premise that man's ultimate purpose is to glorify God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 10:31); thus LUOA serves as an extension of the family to aid them in their God-given responsibility to educate their own children for the glory of God (Psalm 78:5-6). LUOA exists to help each student reach his full potential by guiding him in developing spiritually, morally, personally, socially, and academically (Luke 2:52). The faculty and staff recognize that only when a student accepts Christ as Savior and yields to His Lordship can he realize his own unique potential (Romans 10:10-13). LUOA is an academic arm of Liberty University. Teachers and administrative staff must be born-again, professing Christians who are committed to living for Jesus Christ, understanding that their lives serve as an example to those whom they teach. Education and learning are biblical imperatives (Deuteronomy 6:6-7; Proverbs 3:1-9); therefore, all instruction is biblically based (Deuteronomy 4:2-9).  The curriculum was designed and is maintained based on the following biblical themes: 

  1. CREATION: God's mandate at creation was for mankind to have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:1; 26-28), which has grown to require learning in the areas of language, mathematics, the physical and natural sciences, history, technology, and the fine arts.

  2. THE FALL OF MAN: The hostile environment resulting from the Fall of man (Genesis 3:9-24), intensifying his need to understand all areas of general curriculum, as well as the social sciences, health sciences and the study of God’s written word.

  3. REDEMPTION: Man is saved by professing Jesus Christ as Lord (Romans 10:10; Ephesians 2:8).  Our curriculum is written with the intent of teaching all students this biblical truth.

  4. DISCIPLESHIP: The command for Christians to evangelize the lost and to disciple believers (Matthew 28:18-20) further elevates the need to master all of the above areas

  5. RESTORATION:  Jesus rose from the dead and prepares a place for all those who believe, in order that they may be restored with Him (Hebrews 9:28; John 14:3). 

The Home and Parental Partnership

LUOA believes that a child’s education is the God-given responsibility of parents, as taught in the Bible, and exists to help Christian parents fulfill this responsibility by educating and equipping their children according to the teachings of Scripture and by providing godly role models.

Therefore, LUOA is in partnership with parents, delivering proven educational materials through modern technology, and allowing families to receive expert instruction and support practically anywhere in the world.

The Nature of the Student

LUOA embraces the biblical teaching that mankind is created unique in the image of God, and that man is a spiritual, physical and social being; therefore, we place emphasis on the whole child. At the same time, LUOA recognizes that, due to man’s fallen, sinful nature, discipline is needed to train the will and to build redeeming character, appropriate behavior and good habits in the student.
In the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he identifies mankind as individuals who are unique and who possess special talents and abilities. Acknowledging these differences, LUOA teachers will attempt to reach and teach each individual student according to his or her academic and spiritual gifts. LUOA’s individualizing process meets grade-level standards while providing  each student with appropriate learning tasks at appropriate times.

The Learning Process

An integral part of the LUOA learning process is the ongoing conversations between the student and their adult-guide. Feedback from these sessions help the school to devise a personalized learning plan that can be adjusted as needed. With a regular flow of communication between students, parents and the school, students can correct, apply and broaden what they have learned. Moreover, these contacts provide checkpoints at which teachers can provide consultation, guidance, motivation  and/or instruction about an application, and share thoughts and ideas.

The Role of the Teacher

In this view of the learning process, education is modeled as well as taught. Personalized instruction brings to life the things that ought to be learned. The parents and teachers act as models that personify life’s challenges and help to bring about learning. They are motivators who encourage. They are guides who help lead and direct students to a transformed life.

From a distance, Academy teachers fill this role and help parents to understand and fill their roles. Thus, the distant teacher does not replace, but rather augments the education the student receives at home and church.

The Materials and Content

The curriculum and course materials provided by LUOA are intended to support instruction that affirms Christian truth; the belief that we live in a created universe where all truth emanates from God as a guide for life (Nehemiah 9:6). Knowledge is presented as being both discovered and revealed, and the Bible is presented as the inspired, inerrant word of God and the sole Authority for faith and practice (2 Timothy 3:16).

Course materials teach that mankind is specially created in God’s image and that man’s sub-creative imagination and powers are inherent from that creation. The reality of evil and the fallen or sinful nature of man are presented in concordance with the belief that one can only receive personal salvation through belief in Christ, and Him alone.

Furthermore, curriculum materials are designed to help students achieve academic standards and master various skills that allow them to acquire further knowledge.

The curriculum designers are experienced classroom teachers and education experts who utilize the personalized, individualized mode for program delivery. Materials were designed to meet the academic needs of most students in grades K -12. Their research-based design incorporates many key features, including a formative and summative assessment system, and the use of individualized learning goals.

LUOA curriculum materials provide each student with content (scope and sequence) and performance (mastery level) baseline. This provides an instructional base from which a personalized educational program is delivered, which includes criteria for a mastery competence level.

User-friendly instruction directs students through the learning process, identifying benchmarks for mastery learning performance levels. This allows the student to work independently and learn responsibility by setting and accomplishing goals.

The Online Christian School Program

Information technology has enabled the parent-teacher partnership and personalized education to flourish from a distance. With LUOA, parents can choose a personalized curriculum that is best fitted to their student’s learning style and the family’s economic and technical capability.

Initial Assessment — Course planning is based on an entrance assesment exam and the judgment of experienced educators. This ensures that students are matched with a program appropriate for their skill level. Once this baseline skill level has been established, each student’s academic progress is monitored based on the individualized instruction concept.

Personalized Education Plan — Using the skill-level assessments, prior grades and school transcripts, academic advisors develop an individualized educational plan for the student. The parent agrees to the educational plan; then, the instructional materials needed by the student are forwarded to the parent.

Provided Course Materials and Resources — Once the parent agrees to the educational plan, instructional materials needed by the student are forwarded to the parent. LUOA provides technical, administrative and academic assistance, evaluates student status and progress and also grades, reviews and records the student’s work.

Program Completion — Upon program completion, the Academy will issue a diploma and, upon the parent’s request, will provide transcripts.

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