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Liberty University Online Academy Christmas Party
Mark your calendars for the Liberty University Online Academy Christmas party on Friday, Dec. 6. Look for an email to come with more details! 
College For A Weekend
Choosing a college will impact the rest of your life. Experience Christian college life at Liberty University's College For A Weekend (CFAW).
Attend college classes, stay in a residence hall with current Liberty students, explore the sprawling campus, and see why Liberty is home to more than 100,000 students around the world, both residentially and online.
Upcoming Dates: Nov. 7-10



Spiritual Refreshment


Does God Really Answer Every Prayer?
“Then call, and I will answer …” Job 13:22
I think most of us would readily say that we believe God answers prayer. It’s something we’ve grown up hearing in Sunday school classes, from the pulpit, and in small groups. However, if we are being completely honest with ourselves, do we really believe God answers every single prayer?  I’ve prayed prayers before that seem to come back void. Where was God’s answer then? 
Sometimes, God chooses to answer our prayer with a soft, but firm, “no.” This answer is never what we hope for when we are asking God to do something like change our circumstances, but it does remind us that God knows best. Sometimes God does not change our circumstances because He wants our circumstances to change us. 
When God answers our prayer with “wait,” it’s easy to view it as a negative thing. It’s important to keep in mind though that God’s timing is best, and every day He is orchestrating His perfect plan in our lives (Jeremiah 29:11). When He tells us to wait and holds us in our current circumstances, rest in the fact that God is in control.
When God answers our pleas with a “yes” we can rejoice in the fact that God’s plan for our lives aligned with our requests. Remember all the times God answers with a “yes” so that when He answers other prayers with a “no” or a “wait,” you will feel encouraged and not discouraged.
The truth is that if you are a born-again believer, God does answer every prayer!



Getting To Know You

Meet ninth grader Hayley Holloman! She lives with her two younger sisters, brother, and parents on the other side of the world in Amman, Jordan.
Hayley’s family is serving their community and spreading the love of Christ through working with Syrian refugees. Recently, she and her siblings have begun crocheting items to sell to raise money for a school that her dad is starting for Syrian refugee children.  
Liberty Online Academy gives Hayley the flexibility she needs to complete her courses while also serving alongside her family in Jordan. 
In the future, Hayley would like to attend Liberty and study nursing, but she is ready and willing to follow whatever course the Lord might have for her.



Ask an Advisor

If I have trouble on an assignment, am I able to call the office and speak with a teacher? 
Yes, if you call (866) 418-8741 and press option 4, you can speak with a teacher in the area that you are working on.



One of Our Own


Teacher Veronica Hyma is as passionate about having fun outside of the classroom as she is about having fun inside the classroom. This physics, chemistry, and IPC teacher loves a good adventure in the great outdoors — and so does the rest of her family.


Veronica and her husband, Ryan, have been married for fourteen years and have an eight-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and playing sports. Her children even compete in triathlons!


Veronica brings a unique love of life into all the courses she teaches and reminds her students about the importance of enjoying God’s creation and living life to the fullest.


Monthly Trivia

Which Duck Dynasty star spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation on Friday, Sept. 27?