Minor in Criminal Justice Online Program

Criminal Justice Minor

Understand the Needs of your Community by Adding a Minor in Criminal Justice to your Bachelor’s Degree

Protecting your community starts with a passion for helping others. With a Minor in Criminal Justice, Liberty University will help you take the first step towards a career in criminal justice as you pursue your bachelor’s degree. Through introductory courses, you will learn about court systems, correctional organizations, and ethics in the field of Criminal Justice. You will have the opportunity to choose three Criminal Justice electives to create a minor that is specific to your passions and interests. Through these electives, you can choose to examine criminal behavior and explore the nature of a criminal’s actions through our exciting Criminology online course. For those interested in technology, our computer and cyber forensics course explains the need for proper investigation and illustrates how to properly locate, handle, and process computer evidence.

Each elective is designed to help you pursue the area of criminal justice that most interests you. We will prepare you to protect and serve those in your family and community through a minor in Criminal Justice.

Why Choose Liberty’s Online Minor in Criminal Justice?

Each Criminal Justice course is chosen with your future in mind. Our faculty members have experience as private practice partners, police officers, lawyers and attorneys, certified public accountants, certified mediator and just about every specialty the field of criminal justice touches. Whether you are seeking to serve in the field of law enforcement or politics, our Criminal Justice Minor will equip you with the training and knowledge you need to succeed in your career.

Program Format

Course Requirements

Our online Criminal Justice Minor is an excellent supplement for our Bachelor of Science in Social Work and the Bachelor of Science in Political Science.