Military Book Voucher

Undergraduate military students and spouses

All qualified online military students and military spouses (as defined by Liberty University) are given a military book voucher worth $100-$400 based on the number of courses taken per semester. Only online undergraduate courses qualify. This is provided as a free benefit from Liberty to all undergraduate military students, and is not based upon any outside aid. Students may utilize their book voucher through MBS Direct.

Eligibility Information:

  • The number of credit hours enrolled per semester will determine the book voucher award:
    • 3-5 credit hours $100
    • 6-8 credit hours $200
    • 9-11 credit hours $300
    • 12+ credit hours $400
  • Only online undergraduate courses qualify for the military book voucher, and only these courses are used to determine benefit eligiblity and the amount awarded.
  • Once a “D” grade or higher is given for a course, the course can only be taken one more time and receive Financial Aid.  After that, no Financial Aid will be given for that course, to include the Military Book Voucher. If there are military-related reasons why a book voucher is needed for a course more than twice, the Office of Military Affairs can review an appeal accompanied by supporting military documentation upon request.

Other Important Policies:

  • Military book vouchers cannot be used at the Liberty University Bookstore on campus.
  • Any unused book vouchers will be zeroed out at the end of the term and cannot be reimbursed.
  • Courses dropped before the start date will result in a cancellation of the book voucher credit. If you have used the voucher and you drop a course, a charge will be added to your account to recoup that portion of your book voucher.
  • Book vouchers cannot be rolled over to future semesters. Book vouchers given for a certain term can only be used for that semester. Liberty University cannot assign or roll the book voucher to future or previous semesters.
  • Book vouchers start becoming available approximately 40 days prior to the start date of your first course each semester. There may be an additional 2-3 business days of processing time before the voucher is fully released on your account. Your book voucher information will be sent to your Liberty email account as soon as the funds are available for you to use on MBS Direct.
  • The book voucher award is attached to the recipient's Student ID and is intended for use by the recipient only. Book voucher awards cannot be transferred, shared, or given to another individual.