Military Book Voucher

Undergraduate military students and spouses

All qualified online military students and military spouses (as defined by Liberty University) are given a military book voucher worth $100-$400 based on the number of courses taken per semester. Only online undergraduate courses qualify. This is provided as a free benefit from Liberty to all undergraduate military students, and is not based upon any outside aid. Students may utilize their book voucher through MBS Direct.

  • 3-5 credit hours $100
  • 6-8 credit hours $200
  • 9-11 credit hours $300
  • 12+ credit hours $400

Important Information:

  • Only online undergraduate courses qualify for the military book voucher, and only these courses are used to determine benefit eligiblity and the amount awarded.
  • Military book vouchers cannot be used at the Liberty University Bookstore on campus.
  • Any unused book vouchers will be zeroed out at the end of the term and cannot be reimbursed.
  • Courses dropped before the start date will result in a cancelation of the book voucher credit. If you have used the voucher and you drop a course then a charge will be added to your account to recoup that portion of your book voucher.
  • Book vouchers cannot be rolled over to future semesters. Book vouchers given for a certain term can only be used for that semester. Liberty University cannot assign or roll the book voucher to future or previous semesters.