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Worship students write, perform song for movie soundtrack

October 15, 2012  |  By Drew Menard/Liberty University News Service

Two Liberty University Center for Music and Worship students will have their talents featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film “Finding Faith.”

Senior Katelyn Scott’s song, “Safe in Your Arms,” was selected by the film’s producers as the winner of a contest for Liberty’s songwriting specialization students. Senior Stephanie Bettcher, who starred as the film’s title character, Faith Garrett, will be singing the song.

“Finding Faith” is being filmed in Central Virginia, with Lynchburg as its hub. It aims to educate families on the importance of Internet safety through a powerful drama based on the real-life story of a girl who was abducted after falling prey to a skillful online predator. It is inspired by the experiences of Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown, who headed one of the nation’s first Internet Crimes Against Children task forces.

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