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Kirk Cameron returns to campus, offers advice to film students

February 13, 2013  |  By Mitzi Bible/Liberty University News Service

Actor/producer Kirk Cameron had a captive audience at Liberty University on Monday, as he visited with students of the new Liberty University Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center, who were among the first to watch a sneak preview of his upcoming film project.

Traveling from California with a film crew, Cameron toured the center and gave students a chance to document his visit on tape, including an interview with Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. Cameron held a one-hour Q&A session after the film preview, offering advice as a Christian filmmaker trying to impact the world for Christ.

“I encourage you: have convictions, have standards, don’t let others set them for you. They will set the bar too low,” he told students. “Set the bar high and perform for an audience of One (God) — and you’ll get the applause of Heaven; you can just trust God to take care of everybody else. That’s the motto I go by.”

Cameron struck up a relationship with the school and with Falwell after his first visit to Liberty in October 2012, when he was a guest speaker for Convocation.

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