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Feb 28, 2018

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Liberty University's Institute for Military Resilience (IMR) includes outreach to interested individuals and institutions (campuses, churches, corporations, and communities). This outreach will share the best practices for faith-based resilience programs for our nation's military troops, veterans, and their families. These outreach venues will provide forum for national networking and mobilization of resources for those who need resilience to confront the issues of life, and for those who seek to be caregivers to our military society.

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The core of the Institute for Military Resilience's outreach efforts centers around a monthly blog written by veterans and military members within the Office of Military Affairs, and a library of free recorded webinars with Major General Bob Dees on topics relevant to the military community. Our goal is to equip and encourage the military community and those seeking to be caregivers to our military society.

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IMR Webinar Archives

Liberty University also plans regular events for our military population. Visit the Military Affairs website at for more information on upcoming military events and other opportunities to engage in the military community at Liberty University. 

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