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Adjective – happy, agreeable

Noun – essence, meaning or capacity, volume

So if you follow me at all you know I’ve been sharing a spiritual journey of silence and solitude.  I’ve also been working on ceasing to strive – to not focus on work, “success”, being perceived as “right”.  And I’ve been attempting to create simplicity – removing unnecessary tasks, burdens and/or drama.  My special educators may appreciate the alliteration here as a learning tool… solitude, silence, simplicity, cease striving :). 

What I want to share is that I believe these steps have led to my BEST vacation yet in the mountains of TN!  I’ve never experienced such a well-rounded time contented with God, my family and yes, even myself.  I enjoyed the family times of swimming with the kids, riding go-carts, sky-lifts and box cars, just playing with our two beautiful children.  There were shared meals/communion with my family, parents, sister, niece and nephews in the town my parents went on their honeymoon.  While my children spent many hours being entertained by their cousins, I was able to spend time alone with God and reading books while being engulfed by a breath-taking view of the Smokey Mountains.

Jhon and I were able to slip away on a couple of dates after our kids were asleep since my parents and sister could listen out for them in the suites around us.  One night was one of the most romantic nights of our life together.  We got caught in the rain… eating dinner on the patio of Bubba Gump Shrimp… watching families run to shelter and the lightening over the mountains in the distance.  We eventually had to dare the rain.  We bought and shared a very small umbrella, walking arm and arm trying to fit under the umbrella and laughing tears through the rain.

I even have fond memories of the kids whininess of wanting stuff and bickering in the car … just watching them learn life and relationships… oh, and fond memories of Jhon and I bickering in the car too… also learning relationships. :)  Many good memories and times were shared in freedom, rest, fun, romance, and peace.

It was the first time I can ever recall dreading coming back home from vacation.  I used to be the person who cuts vacation short wanting to rush home to the next thing.  But for the first time in my life I feared coming back after such a gratifying vacation.   I’ve been stung enough by life’s pains or frankly, my own stupidity, to know there is a season and time for everything and a different season could be lurking around the corner.

But as we drove into town, I discovered that Spring happened here while we were gone… dogwoods and tulips are in bloom and so I considered the lilies (You can also read last year’s Spring blog next for its significance to me :) – Everything New).  We arrived at our beautiful home.  The kids crashed into bed instantly of exhaustion.  Jhon and I turned on the TV and remembered we have taped shows to watch together.  I sat on the couch last night with Jhon, still basking in my countless and undeserved blessings… still utterly content…

On our patio watching the rain.


Youtube video of our family vacation.