Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

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I’ve been doing a personal, spiritual study with the book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry.   Well, I suppose it’s not so personal if I’m going to blog about it.  :)

Perhaps the timing of this book was just right in my life or God put me in a place where I was more open to listening, but this book has been the best spiritual formation and leadership book that I’ve yet to encounter.   The book uses the story of Moses and his leadership journey to challenge the reader to look at what lies beneath our decisions and actions… the false self of a “leader” that struggles for validation, earthly praise, pride, being right, … a false self that then sets up patterns of control, manipulation, distrust, selfish gain, etc.   The book talks through how to release our selfish will, to find instead - God’s will.  The book has many great quotes.   But one of my favorite quotes that spoke to me is when the author explains finding God’s will and spiritual discernment by quoting a Quaker pastor as saying, “Unity is the fundamental marker that God’s direction has been discerned”.

I often find myself beating against forces that I think are “wrong”, my own personal sense of social justice and my personal pride that I carry into these battles.   So as my pastor recommend this book - I have taken a journey this past month through this study as well as silence and solitude.  (I’ve actually blogged a little about silence and solitude in one of the Women of Faith blogs, I’ll paste it here when it is published).  

And - I’m sure there will also be more to come on what I’ve uncovered in this spiritual study of learning to find God’s direction and discernment.  As this is just an introduction and a beginning of another journey...