I Was

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Today is 11 years without my baby sister. Some of us would say that it seemed like Amy lived her life like her spirit knew her life would be cut short.  There is much evidence of this besides her intensity and depth in which she experienced life.  But one that makes me ponder this is the self-portrait and poem she did in her high school art class.   So on this day - contemplating what our souls may know... living life with intensity in honor of her...and just missing her... Amy's art & Poetry -

I Was

I wish you’d spoken up – sooner,

so you’d want every moment

just to breathe me in


I wish my answers were perfect

or at least I wish I had one

to give to you to hold on to


I wish time would stand on end

or at least stand at all – when I cannot

‘cause my weakness is you


time does move, but not fast enough to forget

only long enough to turn around

and look at what’s behnd

to turn the other way and see

what you have missed along the way

and to wish you could go back, not just to see,

but to go back and be--

--what you’ve always wanted – in that place

--with those people you loved…


and that loved you back

I was there, where you left me

written in 1998 by amy caroline parker (May 26, 1979-January 17, 2001)