A Red Crayon

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“In Kindergarten, your idea of a good friend was the one who let you have the red crayon, when all that was left was the ugly black one.”  - unknown

Over the years I’ve been blessed by amazing friendships, I wish I could list them all and explain why each one has left such a major impact on my life.   The quote at the beginning of this blog even has a special meaning between me and one of my friends.  Actually, her mother sent it to us once and said it reminded her of our friendship.  We always joked over the many years how perfect the quote was for us… that we were always cheering each other up through bad times and coloring our worlds with bright colors.  We’d even joke through times of envy and jealousy that we’d just split that red crayon.  After all, why would either of us have to have the red crayon and not the other? :)

But lately, I’ve been pondering the value of great friendship and I learned that true, undying friendships aren’t the folks who are there for you through the good and bad times. If you think about it, this is actually a very easy thing for any of us to do, we can do this for strangers.   But true friendships are there for you in your brokenness, our black crayons.  

And to be loved and cherished and forgiven and appreciated and to spend time with each other in spite of who we are and in our brokenness, this isn’t only true and “perfect” friendship, it’s our Christian walk in faith and love.  This is actually the separation of the sheep and goats… to love and care for the inflicted, to reconcile with your fellow brother, to turn the other cheek, to forgive 7x70 times, the Fruits, on and on the examples are given.  It’s not only who we are as “friends”, but it’s who we are in Christ. 

I’ve been amazed where I’ve learned and received this the most.  And it typically hasn’t been from scholars or teachers (or Scribes and Pharisees).   I’ve learned it from my friendships/relationships.  So, to those of you who have showed me what it means to be a friend, full of grace and love, thank you for painting my world RED as I experience love and friendship in a beautiful way.   And I pray I can be full of the grace and love given to me, as God is so good for blessing me with each of you!  :)