Why the Facebook Addiction?

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So I believe I have a facebook addiction… or technology addiction… or perhaps I’m just a little ADHD or not wanting to “work” and my mind is all over the place… grading papers…answering emails… facebook… news reports…web surfing… back to grading papers… answering emails… facebook… and now blogging. 


Well, I just returned from Disney and I’m a bit behind in my facebook stalking.  And when I’m not on it all the time I often realize something - And it is this - when given a quick glimpse into the lives of many, I’m overwhelmed with our lives and all its simplicity, mundaneness, ignorance, thoughtfulness, shortness… and its tragedies viewed in both hope and pain…. and life’s loving, taking, and giving ….and just all its beauty.  


I just read reports of the weather, friends fighting cancer, trips for July 4th weekend, support of our troops and independence, losing loved ones, cars breaking down, car accidents, movies to see, exercise reports… life… I suppose that’s the addiction… appreciating, experiencing, and celebrating the beauty of life with my “friends”.  


Now after an exhausting, exciting and fun trip to Disney with my 4 and 5 year olds… a trip with all my family (my parents, sisters and their families, my husband and kids) in hopes of giving my kids a childhood full of GRAND love, family, laughter, memories…dreams (cause we're talking about Disney :)  Now I’ll go enjoy them in the simple and mundane… and a facebook status of “home sweet home and pushing my children on the swing”….  beautiful.