Love and Loss

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We had a wonderful graduation this week except we were missing our friend and colleague, Dr. Jill Jones.   We honored her in our ceremony, her gown was draped over her chair that sat empty, students wore pens in her honor and we played a tribute video. 

Yesterday, I watched a video clip of her husband on the witness stand talking about having lost his wife and son… he said he’s always heard the quote “it is better to have lost and loved, than to never loved at all”.  And he shared that there is so much truth to that statement. 

Personally, I sometimes find myself annoyed with the quote –  Isn’t it best to love and not lose?   Why the choice?  As if these are the only 2 choices.  But then there is another famous quote on love and pain from Mother Teresa –“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

There’s been a lot of pain and loss this year… so I’ve been contemplating this much lately.

And so I have this conclusion… pain and love… love and loss… these cannot be separated…there really isn’t a choice… the one is inevitable with the other…   the more that pain and loss is endured… the deeper we can love…and the more we love the more pain and loss we will experience…

So this leads me to another Mother Teresa quote and to end on a happier note – to do “small things with great love”… and this is the joy and beauty and rollercoaster of life…