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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Everything New

I just took my kids to pre-school.  One of the most awesome things about being around children is seeing the world through their eyes.  So many times I just hurry through the routine of life and miss out on God’s awesome little things.  And when I do this, I miss that God’s awesome little things are also his promises. 

It’s spring time in Lynchburg.  Dogwoods are blooming, Tulips are popping out all over town.  It’s quite a sight.  And I just love the beauty of this little town and its perfect seasons.   This morning we happened to have the radio and DVD off in the mini-van.  The kids not only noticed the flowers and trees, but they ooed and awed all the way to school as we talked about the colors of spring.   They followed the line of tulips that curves up and down 29 South and then the tulips gather in mass around 460.  When they saw the dogwoods at the airport, “Wow.  Look at those trees Mommy”.  And then when we arrived to their school, “look we have the color trees here too”.  

Having children didn’t come easy for us, we were married 11 years before having our first.  But there is something beautiful about having waited so long.  It was like coming out of the winter into spring, only knowing the beauty of spring after having missed its beautiful colors through winter.  

Spring symbolizes so much of life to me, my faith and family…. Coming out of winter… into… Flowers.  Beauty.  The resurrection.  The promise of a new birth and new life.   Children. 

All His promises…. so consider the lilies... and Spring…

Johnny bringing me "flowers" last Spring.

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