Tested and Watched

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A while back I mentioned we were building a house and also a recording studio for my husband.  (check out pictures on facebook :)  Well, the year got extremely stressful as we probably picked the worst time in my life-time to sell and build a house...(though the future may hold that we did it just in time... who knows).  But I've learned so much this year about waiting on the Lord.   And let me tell you, for someone as impatient as me, this was a hard and painful lesson.  :)  But I love how when God tests me, he gives me just enough to let me know that he's watching me, but testing me all the same.  And it is such an amazing thing.

The sale of our first home -

We had decided that we weren't going to be able to sell the house.  So we had the "for rent" sign go up and eventually the "for sale" sign come down.  The day after we removed the for sale sign, Jhon (my husband) went by the house to check on some things and met a family in the driveway who had just downloaded the MLS (the day before it came off the MLS).  Jhon and this family hit it off.  I, however, had decided that we couldn't take any more of a hit and we just needed to rent it.  But one of my prayers throughout the year was that a nice family would love our first home and perhaps that would make the hit on the price worthwhile.  Well, this family was also the first to not act like the typical "buyer" in today's market, picking apart the home without even an offer.  This family loved the home and was willing to offer us every penny we asked.  There were so many other miracles that happened in just a few days that sent a clear message to us that he's watching us and when it seemed like things weren't going to add up... they did...

Closing on the new home -

Also because of the market, we've had some trouble with closing on the new house with Jhon's recording studio detached from the home.  The government has gotten so strict on loans because of the foreclosures that the underwriters wouldn't approve a mortgage.  Once again, when we thought seems things seemed dire... looking at a 12% in-house loan on a mortgage!!!... (oh, and I feel like I have to say here that we also have really good credit :) the 12% wasn't our fault... wait that's pride... that was last weeks blog... anyway...:)   So the day we were to sign on this bad loan...someone told us that Farm Credit can work miracles...  And Farm Credit came through.  And if that wasn't enough... today we got all the numbers of what we owe the builder and closing costs and we will have exactly $143.73 in our building savings account left after paying for everything.  If you ever built a house, you know how amazing this is!

Ashamedly, my faith was often times weak this year... but "someone" was watching me... and it is both an amazing and humbling feeling...