Principles of Organizational Change

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I recently spoke at another ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) conference as well as a couple of other Christian schools.  If you visit my old blogs you will discover that I speak at these conferences about what Christian schools are doing for the difficult and/or struggling student.  It is thrilling to be part of this movement as ACSI has various speakers on the topic and they are working on publications about it. 

Well, I’m beginning to see a change from conducting these seminars.   It seems we are beginning to move from the vision of why we, as Christian teachers, should reach out to ALL students to implementation.   I had a couple of teachers come up to me after telling me of their situations… one even saying that they were told by their principal that if they sent a kid to his office again, that kid is out of the school.  It is becoming apparent by the feedback I see from teachers and administrators that there is a need to create a shared vision as well as a plan for practice. 

This (as well as other events in my career) is causing me to reflect on what it means to create an atmosphere of change and what this means to every individual in our Christian schools… from students, parents, teachers and administrators.  So in thinking about all this it also occurred to me this week how funny it is that I write and speak so much about special education, yet my doctorate is actually in educational leadership and 13 of my 16 professional years I have stumbled my way into positions of leadership.  I’m not so passionate about this part of my career… here is an example of why - I’ve occasionally been asked to teach a leadership course and the thought of it brings me NO joy… for 2 reasons… 1) to think I can teach leadership seems to imply that I think I am good at it…  2) and the biggest reason… I never really want to be seen as one of “them” (that's another blog).  So I’m in desperate need of some self-reflection here as I grapple with all this.

I believe it’s time for me to go to another round of inquiry to further push change in our Christian educators and schools.  Perhaps God has also been preparing me for this in my education and career even though it makes me extremely uncomfortable.  And now I will attempt to wrestle with this issue on my blog… the principles of change…

more to come…