Thanksgiving Journal

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My Mom started a tradition the year my sister died that we do on Thanksgiving.  She took a journal in which my sister only wrote on the first page and she put it out on the Thanksgiving table during the feast and festivities.  It became our family Thanksgiving journal.   If any of us feels led, then we write in the journal.  It is pretty neat going back and reading the things over the years.  The neices and nephews (the young ones) occassionally write in it as well... their comments are often cute.  It will be fun to watch them mature from year to year in their entries. 

One of my personal and favorite entries was giving thanks for having Johnny, 11 years into our marriage and after having trouble getting pregnant.  He would have only been a few weeks old the year I wrote that.   So many great and small things to be thankful for...

We love the tradition, because like many folks that have lost loved ones or have broken relationships or personal struggles, the holidays can sometimes be difficult or have difficult moments.  But having the journal reminds us that even in the midst of pain, there is so much thanks to be given. And that journal will be a great treasure in our family for generations to come.  Having lost Amy, we realize that every moment with our family and friends is a gift.  And I am truly blessed beyond measure.